Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School, Runner's World and 5 Miler

Okay, if I could 'Run' as fast as 'Summer Vacation went by,' then hello! I'd win ALL the races! ;)

After Sunday's super duper long run of 20 miles, my body was zonked. I spent most of Sunday afternoon with my legs up and relaxing.  Moving on to Monday.........

For breakfast, I had oatmeal with strawberries and chia seeds. Those are the little greyish things in the oatmeal---my oatmeal is not gone all funky, lol. ;)

My training schedule today called for 'cross training' or 'easy run.' I opted for a strength workout with my arms, back and abs since I was very sore from my long run.  20 miles will do that to you. Especially when it was somewhat hilly. 

I was able to hold my plank today for 3:07 which made me excited. I immediately texted Matt the screen shot to 'brag.' Lol.  You'll be interested to know that he came home and just had to beat my time. He got a 3:11......boys suck! ;)

To start my school year off right, Matt took me to Boston Pizza for some ultimate face stuffing, on my part anyway...lol.  I saved half of my sandwich for Tuesday's lunch since I just couldn't think of eating the whole thing!

Yep. Today I headed back to work to begin my 10th year of teaching! :O  I know....crazy right!?  Well, it sure was a busy day and there weren't even any kids there as it was a Teacher Preparation day! Tomorrow should be interesting.  ;) 

I didn't run in the morning since I have such a long commute this year. Therefore, all day I panicked about when I'd get my run in....Oh yeah, we also had torrential downpours today with a rainfall warning. Just lovely.  Lol.

The rain did hold up a bit for Lola and I to enjoy our after-work-walk. Check out this stand off. Lola versus much larger Cat. I'm not even sure Lola can see this cat.....lol.  She could definitely sense that it was there but kept looking all around. 

Back to Running.......since this is a blog primarily focused on Running, hehe.  I had an easy 5 miler scheduled for today.  I ran at a much later time of day than I am used to: 7:00 p.m.! Tomorrow I should be out a bit earlier.  I just had so much to do today after work. I actually do enjoy running in the evening once I'm back into the swing of things. Pretty soon, I'll have to whip out my reflective vest once it begins to get dark earlier!

It was a drizzley run, but I found it to be refreshing.  :)  I don't go into the trail during my evening runs so this run was along the main road.  Every time I run by Tim Horton's the smell of coffee drives me mad!

The Run
5 miles
38:45 minutes
7:45 pace/mile

The whole time, my Garmin was displaying, "Battery Low." And of course, I was worried it would shut off.  :D It wasn't properly attached to the charger. :(  The good news it that it made it through the whole run. 

After my run I was determined to beat Matt's 3:11 plank........we aren't competitive at all. I was shaking like a leaf but managed a 3:22! Take that! LOL.

I picked up some Kale today to make some Kale chips tonight. :) They are so yummy.  I got the recipe from Heidi at Idle Hide.  They are just drizzled with EVOO, Sea Salt and Thai seasoning. Then of course you bake them for 10-15 minutes.Yummo!

Matt sent me a crazy text today that said, "Your name is mentioned in an article on the Runner's World Site!" ???????????? <-----My reaction. 

As you may or may not know, Hal Higdon is using segments of my Boston Marathon blog post for his ebook 4:09:43 and since he is a contributing editor for Runner's World, his book is mentioned with a brief synopsis that just so happens to mention yours truly! You can check out my one, and most likely only, mention into a Runner's World article here. :D

Someone's watching you! Haha
Okay guys and gals, have a spectacular evening and thanks for checking in on GGR.

Happy Running,
Heather :)
P.S. Maritime Race Weekend is in 9 days!!!


  1. I like that analogy of summer vacation to running pace. Definitely accurate ;o) Have fun being back at school!

    1. Haha....yeah it sure feels like Summer flies by!

  2. I couldn't click on the Runner's World link, but that's SO cool!

    Hope your first few days back were ok! Mmmm, kale chips:D

    1. Oh boo...I'll try and send it to you. :)