Wednesday, 25 September 2013

14 Seconds...............

Hi everyone,

So today was the day.  The day I was so eager to see.  It was the BAA's decision day with qualifying cut off time for runners who have met the standards to run in the 2014 Boston Marathon. 

I checked my phone so many times today for 'The email.' The one I had the distinct gut feeling would arrive, but secretly had that ray of hope shining through. 

It came.  At 3:22 this afternoon. 

Let's backtrack.

Me: "Marathoners are insane.  They must have superhuman powers that the rest of us don't know about. I could never run that far!"

October 2010. Valley Harvest Marathon: I had just finished my 8th, 9th or 10th 1/2 Marathon.....I'm embarrassed that I don't know the exact number here.  Feeling = "Meh."  Or in other words, 'Unsatisfied.'

Paul and I cheer Matt across the finish line at the Full Marathon. He runs a stellar 3:04:11 smashing his BQ time of 3:10 with ample time to spare.  The excitement was beyond words!

Me:  "I need to run a Marathon and have THAT feeling!"

I had caught the Marathoning bug. 

April 2011
Matt runs the Boston Marathon that sold out shortly over 8 hours of registration opening and the BAA's website crashed.  Boston eventually raised it's standard from 3:40 for women in my age group to 3:35!!! Me: "I'm NEVER gettin' in!"

May 2011: I trained for my first ever full Marathon over the winter months and ran The Fredericton Marathon in May 2011.  Finishing time: 3:49:08!  Me: "I can't believe I just ran a Marathon!!! I feel awesome!  Wait, Marathoners who qualify for Boston are rockstars! How do they do that!?" 

May 2012 (3rd Marathon)
The return to Fredericton.  I cross the finish line in 3:32:56! Beating my BQ time of 2 min 4 sec!  Pure Awesomeness!  I AM going to Boston!

From there on in, life revolved around training for Boston. 

April 2013
I arrive in Boston.  I run the most spectacular Marathon I ever experienced!  A pure running party if there ever was one.  Me: "I am sooooo doing this race every single time I qualify!!!!" 

Then the bombings. 

The determination of runners worldwide, to run Boston, grew deeper and more widespread than ever imagined.  They increase the field size.  They heighten security. They tediously validate each and every single runner's qualifying time.  And then notify the entrants.................

14 seconds.  

That's how far my 3:33:36 BQ time at the Moncton 2012 Marathon was away from the cut off. The cut off that the BAA had to implement based on the "Field Size Limitations," to quote my email. That's when I broke into a sobbing cry.  In my classroom after school.  At 3:22 pm today.

I apologize for the dramatics, but I can honestly tell you I was devastated. I could pretend to be peppy and cheery, but I would never lie to you guys. :) 

This was the rainbow I saw today after I received my email from the BAA. 
This has to be a good sign right? :)
I am determined to be faster and stronger in order to reach the bar that has now been set 'above' the bar. 

Wish me luck.
Time for positivity and moving on. 

I had a great run of 5 miles after work. I was happy with my legs and body since I'd beaten them over 20 miles with rolling hills in 27 degree weather. Yeah, it was THAT hot.  

The Run
5 miles
39:08 minutes
7:49 Avg. pace/mile

I didn't manage to get in a run tonight since we had Curriculum night at school. I will run tomorrow after work, I promise!  I also have to pick up my Run or Dye race kit tomorrow.  I am super excited for this run!

Thanks again for checking in and for all of your kind messages today. :)  You guys are the best!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You are amazing and you will go back to Boston in 2015....I am sure of it! You are such an inspiration to all of us and you must never forget the positivity that you create in your enthusiasm for running!!!

    1. Thanks Courteney. It's a hard pill to swallow but I'm sure I'll get over it and keep on running. :)

  2. We are so proud of Mommy, you will surely qualify very soon. We love you!


    Matt and Lola

    1. You guys are my best support team! <3 xoxo

  3. You're an incredible runner and have many accomplishments, heck you already made it to Boston that's huge!!!! I am still trying to qualify at 3:10 :-). Keep doing what your doing since it got you to Boston once and it will do it again! Not to forget that you have also given me inspiration to keep battling day in and out so someday I too will make it. Smile and keep running!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your running is on track and going well. :) If you really want Boston, you'll get it! That's going to be my motto for training this year. :D

  4. Heather, I read your blog from time to time and really feel for you with the 14 seconds. You will be back at Boston again! I was also at Boston this April and missed requalifying by under a minute - it is the missed seconds that make us run harder the next time. Good luck @ PEI.

    1. Thank you! I feel like seconds are harder to swallow than if I'd missed it by 2-3 minutes. I keep thinking "I shouldn't have walked to take that gel," or "Only if I'd run that last stretch faster." LOL.....I guess you could say I was grasping. Hope you get to do Boston again....and thanks for the PEI luck :D

  5. 14 seconds... what a heartbreaker. I can understand that "So damn close" feeling, I once missed winning gymnastics Atlantic championships by 0.4 of a point (missed second by 0.1, and came 3rd).

    Next year. I bet you'll run your butt off in PEI!!

    1. Thanks Erin! That 'oh so close' feeling is what makes it that much tougher to accept. I'll get over it and I'll run Boston again, even if I have to run until my legs fall off! LOL

  6. I was thinking about you yesterday when I saw people finding out online, and I can't even imagine how disappointing this must be for you :( I guess all you can do now is use this feeling to push you even harder in PEI!

    1. Thanks Janet! I have to use it as motivation to train harder. It's hard to accept when I think of how hard I worked and I DID qualify, they just didn't have 'room' for me. :( I'll get over it I'm sure, eventually....LOL.