Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tune, Bandages, An Innapropriate Sign and Running

Hey there running peeps! (secretly, I hate the word peeps.......don't tell)
Tempo Tune
You must try this new song I am obsessed with. For real.  It's Royals by Lorde. Yes, this IS my new repeat song. It makes me feel all badass when I'm running....even though I'm definitely not, lol. Please give it a listen!
So Saturday started out cloudy with somewhat of a chill in the air, and I was excited. Not because I hate beautiful days, but because this made for perfect running weather. :D  That is, if I had left when I planned on leaving. Instead I got caught up reading blogs and chatting with Courteney. This led to a 10:00 departure! :0  Yes, the humidity did rise and the sun did come out just in time for my 10 miler. 
LOL......I know what you're thinking about the picture below.  Just let me explain:  I have been having recurring blisters in the bandaged areas on my last couple of mid-distance runs and they're pretty painful. I do not have new socks or sneakers so I am very unsure as to what's going on.  But, these colourful bandages I bought for my classroom sure offered me great protection today. :D

I ran along the main road today.  I told Matt and Courteney that I think the trail is causing me to run slower.  Here are my reasons:
  • running on crushed gravel does not allow for solid push off as the asphalt does...even though it's better to prevent injuries. :S
  • There are less people 'seeing' me which means if I want to be lazy and drop the pace, few people see. ;)
  • It is basically flat and I find that hillier routes get me going faster.......especially those down hills ;)
  • I don't have to work as hard, which we all know isn't good for runners since you have to keep your muscles guessing if you want to see progress!
That being said, I do not plan on abandoning my beloved trail. I do love it and I will continue to run some of my runs on there. Just not all of them.
Back to today's run:
It wasn't too hot on today's run, but at points the humidity did get to me and I had to wipe my face and neck several! ;)  The heat did not bring me to a screeching halt, but this did...........

In case you can't make out the writing that well it reads: "NO MORE F@#!?@G FLYERS" Okay people, I am certain there is a much nicer way to request that flyers 'not' be delivered to your driveway.
The Run
10 miles
1hr 18 min
7:53 pace/mile


 And, what would a 10 mile run be without a good pineapple/cranberry protein shake?! :) 

August Recap
Total August Running Mileage: 200 miles (320 Km)
Ab Challenge: 27/31 days :) 

I have to confess a somewhat OCD thing to you.  Prepare to have a different perspective of me after reading  As I was mentally tallying up my monthly running distance this morning I realized that at August end, today, I'd have run a total of 198 miles! I was psyched and so anal about the big '200' being only 2 miles away. I mentioned it to Courteney and she agreed that she'd have to go run those extra two miles. Enough said! So what did I do at 5:00 p.m.? Head out for a 2 mile easy run of course. I should mention that I carried a muffin the whole time from yesterday's post to Courteney for her to try as well. :)
So there you have it. I am happy with those stats. I realize that when I am back at full time teaching in a few days my runs may not be as long during the week and I'm sure I'll neglect my core work a tad.....I am going to try my absolute best not to though.....I promise!
And of course, here's a pic of Lola playing with her unicorn "Spike" that I brought her back from the Boston Marathon. :)
Lastly, look how much I have on the schedule for tomorrow's long run....EEK! (20 miles in case you don't understand my attempt at
 I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend to the fullest and thanks again for checking in with GGR!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Maritime Race Weekend is in 13 days!!!


  1. Love the song! Just got back from my 5k....stitch kicked in at 2.5 but I ran through it. Knee pain at's like on cue now!

    1. I'm so glad you like that song! Isn't it great?!

      I'm glad you got your run done and were able to run through the stitch. Darn knee pain!

  2. I saw that sign lol!

    I'd have to make the 200 as well. Let's not add up my mileage for this month, but if I was close to an even number, I'd be wanting to fix it up too.

    Have a good run tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks Heidi!

      How am I just seeing this sign!? LOL.

      I'm so glad others are just as anal as I am....hehe.

  3. Hey girl....I really enjoy reading your blogs and following your training and running successes. I have nominated you for the Shine On Award. Keep blogging and being you. You can check out the nomination on my website. :-)

  4. I'm always slower on trails. I think part of it is the beauty gets distracting and I like to just enjoy myself more. The other part is that I have to watch my footing more carefully!