Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pacing and New Race!

You know what's great about Wednesday?  It's semi-long run day! :)  I always look forward to the Wednesday run.  There's no pressure to go crazy fast or climb hills, etc. You just go at a steady pace. 
For today's run, I was aiming to maintain Marathon pace for the scheduled 8 miles.  When I'm done the first mile, I always think, 'Pfft, this is going to be cake.'  Naïve girl.  It gets a lot harder to maintain once the sun has been blaring down on you for good bit of was the case again today.  Not complaining!  We've had a spectacular summer here in Nova Scotia so far.  It just doesn't make for excellent running conditions that's all. But it does make for nice photos! ;)

This is me at the 4.25 mile turn around point having a drink break....and apparently a photo shoot.

Another glorious day...................

For the PEI Marathon on October 20th, I would ideally like to break the 3:30 barrier. It's not that easy to do. You need to run <8:00 min/miles for 26.2 miles!!! And no, you cannot pause your Garmin. ;)

I did have to work at keeping my numbers below 8 today.  I decided that the 8 miles would be at pace and the last half mile a recovery jog.  Here is a break down of my mile splits:
1. 7:43
2. 8:07 oops
3. 7:55
4. 8:01 oops
5. 8:15 ***drink break
6. 7:49
7. 7:51
8. 7:59
0.5 mile recovery jog: 8:31

So as you can see, I have some work to do.  I'm hoping that once the temperature cools and Summer ends, sticking to pace will become much easier.

If you are wondering about pacing for a goal time in a race check out Cool Running or Custom Pace Bands. I print these off to wear at a 1/2 or Full Marathon so that I don't have to memorize my splits. If you do this, make sure that the font is large enough for you to read during the race.  My first pace band that I made had the numbers way too little. I couldn't read them clearly as I was moving.  Lesson learned!

Well, I have some news regarding this weekend's running plans.  As it turns out Matt is going to be running in his 11th Full Marathon! :0  I know. I am not doing the full, don't worry.  Although I did get slightly excited when he sprung it on me and for a millisecond in time I considered it......:)

I took a look at my training plan and this weekend is a scheduled 17 mile run.  Next Sunday is a scheduled 1/2 Marathon.  Therefore, I am juggling my weeks and doing the 1/2 this Sunday and I'll complete my 17 miler next Sunday.  Did you catch all that? I have no hopes of beating my current PR of 1:37...I am still wondering where that came  I will try my best at the run, but now that my focus is on the PEI Marathon in October I will not run my butt off and risk injury.  :)

The race we're doing is the Marathon by the Sea. It is in Saint John, New Brunswick which means....Road Trip! Don't worry, I'll do a big blog about our races on Sunday evening. :D

Thanks so much for checking out GGR.  Have an awesome day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Good thing you like road trips....I don't think I could do that and then feel good about running the next day. Good luck girl!!!

    1. Now Courteney, you know I'm doing this purely for the Bling, ;) LOL. Thanks for the good luck wishes. :)

  2. Have a great time!! There are so many out-of-province races that I want to do, but it costs 45 dollars for me to leave PEI! LOL

    Yep... summer running is hard. I only started running at the end of last August, so this is my first summer-running experience and as much as I love the warm sunny days, I wish it would cloud over for run-time!

    1. I can't believe it costs that much to leave PEI! I'm still amazed.

      I agree with is better than sun for running. :D