Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nuun, Ice Cream and Recovery Runs

 Hello again to all my running friends! :)

Check out the great finishing photo from Marathon by the Sea.  Not that I look great, lol....but I thought the crisp colourful image was awesome, (even if it does accentuate my jelly belly), Lol.
At the post-race award ceremony I was called up for a cool pewter sole pendant that has a little stone in it that you saw from my Recap . You can't quite see it, but I am holding up the necklace here...lol. Matt snapped these pics with his phone. Thanks :)

I've been trying out a new-to-me method of hydration.  It's called nuun and it's super simple to use.  Each container has 12 tablets.  You simply add one tablet into 16 oz of water and you get a fizzy reaction similar to Alka Seltzer!  The type of nuun that I've been using is an electrolyte replenisher. It keeps you hydrated without the sky rocketing amounts of sugar that typical sports drinks contain.  I've been enjoying the citrus flavour and I'm also going to try out the Berry one too. :) 
Have you tried nuun? And what are your thoughts?

 This next item isn't quite for hydration per say, but it is enjoyable. ;) Have  you tried the Magnum ice cream!??? Well if you haven't get some. ASAP!  

Recovery Run
Following Sunday's half marathon, I set out for a nice slow easy pace recovery run on the crushed gravel trail. It felt good to get in a massage type run post-race.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and my body wasn't too sore, just slightly fatigued. 
The Run (Monday)
5 easy miles
42:32 minutes
8:30 pace/mile

Tuesday's Run
Today I had planned a steady 4 miler.  I wasn't sure if I'd feel fresh enough to attempt another interval session.  I learned quickly that the answer would be 'not ready.' Therefore, I'm going to try to incorporate speed intervals into my 9 mile run tomorrow. I did try to run at a good effort, not crazy hard, just solid, today.  I ran in the nice flat trail once again today so that I wouldn't be pushing it. Plus, after running the hilly half in Saint John, I wasn't ready to conquer any hilly routes today! :)
The Run
4.1 miles
32:15 minutes
7:53 pace/mile
Is my Boston Fern growing legs and paws?  Or is someone seeking privacy underneath?  hehe :D

Rainy Afternoons
So, in case you didn't know, Miss Lola will do anything to avoid going for her walk in the rain.  Even laying super cuddly across my lap knowing full well that I will not disturb her, (raised eyebrow). I wasn't complaining. It was very cozy. :)

Well, thanks again for paying GGR a visit. Have a beautiful evening!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
P.S. Don't leave pace bands near dogs that steal! LOL


  1. "accentuate my jelly belly." Um.. what belly?! You nut!

    1. LOL....it sure feels like one when I'm running! ;)

  2. That is a great photo! I'm digging that downhill stretch to the finish line...it's comforting to know that not all race organizers are as cruel as those of the Bluenose!

    I've been interested in trying Nuun at some point, but haven't yet. Would love to hear your thoughts once you've used it for a while!

    1. I can't imagine running up the finish stretch of the Blue Nose for the Full. How you did that I'll never know!

      I'll be sure to post my feedback from nuun once I get to know it a little :)

  3. I love a good shake-out recovery run! I've never tried nuun, but people seem to love it!

    1. Yeah, people certainly do seem to love it. I like how it has less sugar and calories than sports drinks usually have. I'm really enjoying the citrus flavour. :)