Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Two Posts in 1 & 4:09:43!

 Hey everyone!
I hope your week is treating you well so far. I apologize for anyone checking for updates yesterday and finding that there were none. :( 
I had switched internet providers and went a full 7.5 hours without internet!!! But I made it! {Pweph}. Have you ever had one of those 'all day appointments that stem from 8-5?!' Well that's what I had.  Therefore, I had to scurry out the door bright and early to walk Miss Lola and squeeze in my scheduled 3 miler in case the installation guy arrived!
The Run
3.12 miles
23:37 minutes
7:34 pace/mile
I tried to maintain some speedy strides on the run doing repeats of 400m with recovery in between {+ warm up and small cool down}.  Obviously there were not many repeats, since I only ran a total of 3.1 miles (5km), lol.  With doing such a short run, it makes me look forward to midweek longer runs and weekend long runs. :D  Me--->=Endorphin Junkie!
After I ran, I did some foam rolling on those tight tight tight hammies!  I also worked out my core with crunches, planks and a few other ab exercises.  I finished off with some nice stretching..... :)

Lola makes incredible progress in this clip with the foam She now will at least take it to the mat for me!  Check her out:


And then it was time for.............

Food, food and more food!
Can I please share some of my favourite snack foods with you now??? :)  You could say that for someone who is considerably active, I'm always 'Rungry.'  The term for 'Runner who is Ravenous + Hungry.'  Therefore, I have to be conscious of the types of foods I'm consuming in such large quantities......yay! :S Remember though, you get out what you put in! I have to remind myself of that.....frequently. 

Item #1: Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips=Yummo! 
I really enjoy the texture of tortilla chips in general, but bring in the taste of sweet potato and hello! Tasty. :D  Try them with chunky salsa...mmmm.  :)
Item #2: Chunky Fresh Salsa
I kind of like salsa, a lot. The type I buy is usually the ginormous container from Costco with the fresh ingredients, but since I was all out I opted for this grocery store deli brand, which is remarkably similar.  It's very refreshing! This has to be my favourite post-run snack.....ever.

Item #s 3 & 4: Fresh fruit/yogurt
Well, I've been working very hard on the 'snacking' thing.  And lately I've been trying to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables into my diet as possible.  I've usually opted for crunchy, salty or sweet snacks in the past....they're just so good!  Tuesday afternoon I refuelled with another cup of Java, strawberries, nectarine and yogurt. It was pleasantly delightful.  :)  I got the idea for a nectarine from Sophia Patrillo as I was watching an episode of The Golden Girls Tuesday afternoon......don't judge me, lol.
Tuesday night for dinner, I made roasted chicken breasts, brown rice and a garden salad.  Yes that is a heaping spoonful of salsa on top of my  Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!  Seriously, try it. 


Today started out like this:

Eating breakfast, drinking coffee and responding to some e-mails about running!  You guys know how to start my day off. :D It was also great since I slept until 9:00 which I haven't done in for-ev-er!  And as runners, we need our zzz's. 

Since I am now back on schedule, today's run was a 6 miler.  Last Wednesday I did hill repeats and today I decided to do a rolling 6.25 mile (10km) loop around the neighbouring subdivisions.  It felt amazing! The air was cool with a great breeze, which I welcomed. 

The Run
6.25 miles
47:48 minutes
7:39 pace/mile

I think today I'll do the 8 minute ab video along with some stretching and rolling. 

What are your plans for the rest of Wednesday?

Bombs on Boylston
I also would like to give a shout-out to the Master, Mr. Hal Higdon, who has recently completed his latest book 4:09:43 Bombs on Boylston.  The book is finished and is now being copy edited, but you can still check out his introduction here.  I have to mention also that segments of my Boston story will appear in the book, along with those of 74 other Boston Marathoners.  What an honour! I was completely shocked when I was contacted by Mr. Hal Higdon himself this Spring to hear my story!!!  

Thanks for stopping in and checking out Girl Goes Running.
Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. Love your blogs and am always amazed that you continue to give us good tricks of the trade. Thanks for that and here's to running another soggy race on Saturday.

    1. This would be our 3rd soggy run, correct? LOL.

      I am an avid blog reader myself and also enjoy when you guys update ;) hint hint, haha.

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