Monday, 29 July 2013

Tely 10 Recap. (warning: a lot of pictures!)

Hi again,

I'm back at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia now.  We arrived here early this afternoon after driving for 9 hours yesterday, a 7 hour ferry crossing and 5 hours of driving today.  :D  When I was all done shovelling out from the mountain of laundry we had accumulated, I headed over to Costco and the Grocery Store to pick up some things.

I just got in from a 5 mile Recovery Run.

The Run
5 miles
38:51 minutes
7:46 pace/mile

Nothing makes me want to run more than sitting in a car for 2 days following a not-so-spectacular race. :S  Oh well, I finished with a pretty decent time though.  Now, back to the race..........

The Tely 10
I got all my gear set out the night before, very unsure of what to wear. Hence the two pairs of socks and singlets/bra tops.

Signage on Topsail Road to alert motorists of road closure for us crazy runners! ;)

I am not sure if you can see the triangular shaped mile marker reading 'Mile 5' here by the pole but, I tried real hard to snap a pic while Matt was driving.  Each mile has one of these markers which is awesome. I have to admit that I distinctly only remember seeing 6, 7, and 9 during the

I got Carla to snap this shot as we went to grab some bananas on Tely 10 eve at the nearby grocery I bet Matt is not thinking I'm nuts at all.......... ;)
Race Morning:
Matt and I headed over to the start line pretty early to avoid the ginormous detour they made us take two years ago.  We were basically some of the first 10 or so runners there!  I even got to use the port-a-john's before ANYONE else did! :D Trust me, that matters.

Runners are gathering now in herds about 30 minutes before start.

Here I am looking back second-guessing whether or not I want my singlet. :S Decisions decisions! 

Ready, Set, Go!

At the start line I noticed I was sweating quite a bit from the warm up.  I was really hoping the humidity would break and possibly it would start to flurry, sort of........I hate hot runs.....I really love Fall!

Here I am at mile 2 ish.  Thanks Carla and Devin for being super cheerleaders and snapping this action shot.  :D
Just after this picture, my iPod died. The battery was fully charged so I think it's actually 'gone' this time. :(
Cruising along after spotting Carla and Devin I felt that darn feeling no runner wants to feel when they're pacing on target.  At 4 ish miles, I got a stabbing side stitch in my right side that forced an unplanned walk break.....Yes, oodles of runners were zipping by. :(  I tried pushing, grunting, hobbling, and slowing down, but nothing worked.  I chose to continue running along at a much slower pace while pushing my fist into my side. I was disappointed. My side was slippery and wet, sort of clammy too from the sweat. 

I remember seeing a McDonald's somewhere in between miles 4-6 on Topsail Road and I just had to walk the stitch out again, when a woman with braids and a blue singlet said, "Come on darling, you can do it." I said in a sorry voice, "Side stitch." She says, "Me too. It's in my right side. Apply pressure to the opposite side." Then she demonstrated how to push harder with your left foot if your right side is the one experiencing the stitch. We hobbled along the yellow line together pushing out our stitches. I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but it actually worked! I thanked her and headed off. 

At 5.44 miles, I was grabbing a water for some hydration to replenish the insane amount of sweat that was dripping off my body, when I spotted my Dad, Trudy and Mark across the street. This is the first race my Dad has ever seen me run in.  Thanks Photographer Trudy! ;)


It was hard to play catch up after slowing significantly for nearly 3 miles, but I decided to put the hammer down and give it what I could. It was not easy.  I always crash in humid conditions. It is very frustrating, but it also motivates me for Fall races where runners usually peak............I'm looking forward to that.
I crossed the finish line in 1:17:12.  I'm pleased with that time. 
The Run
10 miles
7:43 pace/mile
P.S. I am totally returning that new lime green Garmin I bought.  I had a challenging time reading my run time and pace during the race. :S
Here are my four Tely 10 times in order of completion:
1:16, 1:18, 1:15, 1:17
Funny enough, the 1:18 is the other Tely 10 where a side stitch wreaked havoc. Grr!
The Tely 10 is a fantastic race. There are many spectators lining the streets on both sides. Sprinting around the corner of the finishing stretch felt amazing with all of the people cheering.  There was ample water/Gatorade and awesome volunteers. Definitely a race I'd recommend!
Check out this sweet bling.

After I made my way through the runner's chute the family was there for some photo ops. Check us out:

Here's Devin.  I'm telling you he has sprouted tremendously.  Last summer I was taller and could beat him in an arm wrestle! ;)

My Dad.....all proud and checking out all the finishers to see if he recognized any familiar faces...Lol.

 Matt and I post-race. Matt ran a spectacular 1:02!
Here I am with my sisters and my Aunt Brenda who just completed her 3rd Tely 10! Way to go!!! :)


 Lastly, I just love this pic of my sisters, my dad and I.  So basically it's just here in the blog for cosmetic Plus, I'm not in running gear here ;)

Can you guess what Newfoundland thing found it's way back to Nova Scotia with Me??? :D

If you have not tried Pineapple Crush, get to it!  It's super delicious, sweet and refreshing. :D Thanks Mom for supplying me with 6 tasty bottles!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Tely Recap.  I hope next year is cooler and the side stitches take a hike!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

I am not sure which race is next for me.  Next weekend there is the MacPass Mile Bridge race and the Natal Day 6 miler.  As of now my entry is up in the air...........stay tuned!


  1. I totally creeped the Tely 10 results page earlier today and finally found your name. I thought your time was great, and I think your placing is something to be proud of, considering teh number of people running! Sorry you're a bit disappointed, though! Good tips on the dreaded stitch!

    1. Don't worry Erin, I always creep results! LOL.

      How is your knee?? I've totally fallen behind in reading my blog list. I'll catch up over coffee tomorrow morning ;)

      Thanks for the positive comment! :D

  2. I hate hot/humid too! The very best running conditions are overcast and almost raining! Great race though! Close to your other times, and if I were anywhere near that fast I'd be beyond stoked!

    1. Thanks so much!

      The humidity is a challenge for sure. My breathing gets all wonky and I'm dripping with sweat. And that doesn't make for a pleasant running experience.

  3. I think you had a great time with a side stitch and the dreaded humidity. And mention of puking!!!

    1. Thanks Courteney!

      How did I forget to add the fact that there was no puking to my post!? I was grunting pretty loudly turning the corner to finish and I think that prevented it from happening. New strategy??? :D

  4. Ah that really sucks - but good for you for working through it and fighting for a great time! Also...Pineapple Crush!?

    1. Thanks Janet!

      Yes, Pineapple Crush......mmmmm. It is a delicacy in NL, LOL. I was dreaming of it during some of my hot/humid runs here in NS and was certain to stock up while I was at home. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi James,
      thanks for stopping by!

      I'm certainly no expert, but I do love to read/research/talk and blog about running. :) I'd definitely say to follow a training plan. Hal Higdon has fantastic plans that range from Novice to Advanced 2. I followed his 1/2 plan for my first 1/2 Marathon. Also, listen to your body. I'd aim for running 3-4 times a week with a long run included. I didn't do anything higher than 10 miles prior to my first half. I've heard that you shouldn't run the full distance before the race just to 'see if you can' run it. That provokes injury.

      Good luck on your half. I'd love to hear how it goes!
      Heather :D

    2. Great advice, that is helpful! I am glad I asked because was considering running the full 13.1 prior to the race; I won't do that now. What plan do you recommend from Hal Higdon? If it is not too much trouble, how was your first half marathon experience? Any and all advice is appreciated.

      I can be reached at

      Thanks again!

    3. I followed his Novice 2 plan. There is a link to his site on my "Online Resources" page. I also have his book 'Marathon' which I would recommend to any 1/2/full marathoner. I've read it so many times and I always go back to it when I have a big race coming up.

      :D Heather

  6. Impressive run, that sounds quite speedy for a ten mile jaunt!

    You seem to know your stuff, any advice for a soon-to-be half marathoner?

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