Saturday, 20 July 2013

Schedule Switch-a-roo and Packing

Happy Saturday!
Another version of a black-eyed Susan newly blooming in my garden. :)

Today I had to juggle my training schedule just a tad.  Since we will be spending basically the entire next two days travelling and I didn't want to miss my long run, I did my long run today. :)

My training plan called for 14 miles today. So I headed out at 8:30 and the sun was not out at this point....Yay!  It was hazy and kind of drizzly with a humidity factor of 'feels like 27' at 8:30....just dandy! I trotted down to the trail and planned my route to go out the 'Coyote Way' until 2.75 miles and then turn and head down towards the city for 5.5 miles. When all this is said and done I should wind up with a total of 14 miles, right?  No! LOL.  I once again made a miscalculation when running. I should never trust my math when I'm tired and dehydrated

I was sweating like a champ today.  Or at least that's what it felt like.  The humidity was once again so high, that the sweat was just staying on my skin and therefore, saturating my clothes.  And don't even get me started on the insane amount of conditioner I had to use to get all the tangles out of my pony tail! :0 

At around 12.09 miles, or exactly at 12.09 miles, I apparently hit my Garmin on Pause. This would have been okay if I had noticed sooner than 0.75-1 mile later!!! Therefore, I cannot tell you the total distance that I ran today. :(  I continued to run until the Garmin was reading 14 miles though....if not, I would have been driven crazy! 

The Run
14.75-15 miles????
2 hrs 7 minutes
8:31 pace/mile

As soon as I got in I headed straight to the shower.  I was a sweaty mess!  I'm thinking I was actually quite dehydrated as well since my body was very nauseous.  I tried to eat some leftover chicken and rice to settle my stomach, but wooooo super bad idea!  It took about an hour or so for my body to be able to tolerate food again.  This usually doesn't happen on my long's more of a post-marathon effect

On another note, I think it is going to take some getting used to with this new Belkin arm band phone holder. I'm sure there's a shorter name than that! Lol. I guess it's like the fuel belt.  My first run with my first ever fuel belt was terrible. I wore it backwards for was a 2 bottle holder. I'm certain I looked very pro sporting a backwards fuel belt and adjusting it every 17 seconds! ;) 

Back to the arm band.  It just felt, as I mentioned yesterday, as though I were having my blood pressure Is that weird? 

Do you have a Belkin? 
Did it take some getting used to? 

 Who says worn out runners don't have a purpose??? :)

Oh yeah, apparently we're getting some sort of nasty thunderstorm with high winds and hail later!!!  As I read this I was tanning on my deck in the sun, which felt like 37 degrees. ???  

So, the rest of Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning and most two favourite things ever....Not!  We are heading out bright and early in the a.m. for Newfoundland.  It's been a full year since I've been home! :0  And, as you know we are running the Tely 10 there....Yay!  It's in 8 days!

While I'm on vacation I will take my laptop with me and hopefully have some opportunities to keep  you updated on all that is new in my running adventures. 

Be sure to check for updates!

Thanks for droppin' in on this crazy hot Saturday afternoon.

Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. Can't wait to see you guys! :) Carla xo

    1. Yay! I'm in Corner Brook tonight....Gaultois tomorrow :)