Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gummies & Obstacles

Happy mid-week semi-long-run Wednesday!

Well, at least that's what it was for me.  :)  I'm currently in week seven of my PEI full marathon training and am feeling pretty good.....other than the humidity that just won't quit!

How is your running going with the humidity?

Food :)
Last night I wanted to have something hearty for dinner.  I sautéed some peppers and onions in EVOO and then shredded up some cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts that were spiced to make ciabatta sandwiches.  It was pretty darn yummy!  ;)

Today's run was a scheduled 8 miler. I was pretty occupied with tidying up the house when I realized that it was much later than my usual running time....oops! Therefore, with the later run comes the higher temperatures. It was 29 Celsius when I ran. :S 

I carried my four fuel bottles in my belt today and also stashed some of yesterday's loot from Freak Lunchbox into the belt pocket. :D 

I ran easy and during a drink break snapped these pics down by the waterfall.

I also had a little obstacle to tackle during the first 1/4 of my run.  See picture below.............
This guy had a huge trench dug in the centre of the trail and I had to make my way through the bushes to get around it. Fun times.

A funny thing happened on my way home.  Since my iPod is now laid to rest :(  I have to use the iPhone in my Belkin arm band if I wish to have any music when I run, which I do. :D  Therefore, when a call comes in I obviously try to answer.  So today when Matt called I was saying, "Hello, hello!" Because he couldn't hear me and kept hanging up.  An older man sitting on a bench looks at me and says, "Hello???"  LOL. It was a little embarrassing.....hehe.  

Every time I run by these wild roses, I take a deep breath to smell them. They smell so lovely! Much better than running through my neighbourhood yesterday----Garbage/compost day in the hot weather. :S

The Run
8 humid/hot miles
1:07 hrs:min
8:23 pace/mile

Today's mid-run fuel is brought to you by Freak Lunchbox. :D  Gummy Bears & Sours!

Since today is the last day of the month, I record my total monthly mileage.  This month clocks in with 158.33 miles. My totals for May and June were 134.61 & 145.07 respectively.  Today I hit over 1000 miles for the year on my mile counter (1004.33)! This total equates to 1606.92 Kms!!! That's exciting!

I hope you're enjoying this sun shiny day wherever you may be.  Thanks for visiting!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I do the same with the the smell! Crazy girl for going out running so should have left it until it was a bit cooler!

    1. Haha....I know, but I don't like to run late and then run early the next day. I find that my legs get sore. :( I'm trying to get them in in the a.m. as much as possible!

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