Saturday, 6 July 2013

Biking, Running in Humidity and Keeping Cool

How fantastic is your weekend so far? 

I've been on a pretty good streak with updating my posts.  Yesterday I thought, "These people have better things to do than read about the goings on in my daily life I'm sure." Lol. But hey, I'm back today!

Are you wondering what's going on in the above picture? Well, as I was outside chatting with Matt I had forgotten that I was filling the sink to wash a few dishes.  Tip of the day: Never leave a running tap unattended! Lesson learned.


As I mentioned previously, Friday's are my rest days from running.  It was so beautiful outside, with the exception of the saturating humidity.  I was sitting around the house feeling 'sticky' so I decided to bike the trail where there would be some shade and possibly a breeze since there are a few lakes in the trail. After 21km, my clothes were soaked and I was feeling wobbly. 

So what do  you do when the humidity is at 39 degrees????? See next photo :D

Whoever knew about this Pina Colada ice cream and didn't tell me, are no longer my friends.  Just kidding.....we're just not on speaking terms right now.  ;) 

I added my edits when I had finished my run. :D
So I tried to get up 'early' today to get my run in before the skin melting humidity kicked in.  I don't even think that would have been possible even if I ran at 4 a.m.  I ended up getting out of bed at 6:45 and by the time I ate breakfast, walked Lola and filled my fuel bottles, I was out pounding pavement at 8:00.  Check out Matt's message that he wrote for me:  "Hot Run Coming Up."  My response to him since he was all done his 10 miler, "Gee thanks.  That's encouraging!" I was a bit intimidated by the heat since Matt was saying he felt sick post-run. :S

I filled 4 bottles {2 gatorades and 2 waters}, grabbed the ipod, Garmin, visor and shades and set out. 


So before 8 a.m. it's already 25, feels like 32 and poor Lola
looks like a 'hot dog.' You see what I did there? LOL

The Run
10 super humid trail miles
8:25 pace/mile

The trail sections where I ran were mostly sheltered from the sun.  Every now and again when I'd have to cross a street or I was exiting a canopy section the cocky sun would taunt me....oh dear I think I'm still delusional from the 

Today was totally a visor day.  Did you know that it is safer to run wearing a visor as opposed to a full hat?  A typical ball cap will cover the top of your head, the primary exit for your body's heat, thus trapping the heat in and making you feel warmer.  A visor however, will allow the warm air to escape and keep your head cool....even if it means you get 'elf ears' like me from squishing your shades in between your ears and the visor rim.  But you know what they say, "Better be safe than sexy!" Wait, I don't think that's actually what they say???? 

I ran a nice conservative pace today so that I didn't overheat or anything scary like that.  I learned about running in the humidity a little last night when I was reading my August issue of Runner's World so today I was very cognisant of my body on the run.  One thing they mentioned was the fact that your body sweats as a part of the cooling process which secretes fluid through your pores.  Therefore, when you run in humid weather where the air is already saturated with water your sweat has no where to go and thus gets trapped on your skin unable to evaporate.  Makes sense.  :) 

Also, when you become dehydrated on the run and your body goes into 'survival mode' you body sends blood to your major organs and your body isn't able to digest food as adequately making you feel nauseous.  That explains why I'm always nauseous following a marathon. I am so fascinated learning about the amazing things our bodies do! Thanks Runner's World!

Check out my totally awesome recovery shake today. Do you notice any 'yummy' new ingredients added???  Yes, I am talking about the scoop of Pina Colada ice cream.  It was delish and a half!

Don't you think my cow scooper is super cool? :D

Oh yeah, and if the humidity is high where you are, you can always chill poolside with friends....even if it is a kiddie pool!  :)

Thanks again for visiting Girl Goes Running.

Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. LOL...can't believe you posted that pic. LOL Thanks for the reminder about wearing the visor!!

  2. Haha, I thought that would be fun! Thanks again for hosting our pool party :D

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