Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Zero Week


It's Zero Week for me.  What does that mean you ask? Well, I ran the Johnny Full on Sunday, therefore this week is referred to as 'Zero Week' in the Hal Higdon training plan I follow. It basically means you do next to nil until you feel rejuvenated enough to resume easy running, and then eventually work your way up into a reverse taper.  Check it out: Marathon Recovery.

I have not. Run. At all. Since Sunday.  :( 

This is without a doubt because of the fact that my quadriceps hate me......through and through. They also hate that there are so many stairs in my  I have developed major Runner's envy even though I ran myself nearly to the ground 4 days ago in excruciatingly high temperatures.  I don't know if I told you, but when Matt and I got into his vehicle after the Marathon, his temperature gauge was reading 26 degrees Celsius! Yeah, really. 
I am going to attempt a 3 mile run tomorrow and see how the legs feel.  :D  I'm so excited!

Olympian Frank Shorter says that, "You're not ready to run another Marathon until you've forgotten the last one."  I have a feeling that will be a while.  Check out some of my professional race photos:  I <3 them! 

Not hiding any hurt here!
"Where can I go lay down for a while?" 

Rockin' out to announcer Mark Stein calling my name!
Ribbon Breaking Virgin comin' through!!! LOL
Okay, this is awesome and someone better have pics! :D
Our friend Nick also snapped some wicked shots of us during the race.  Check this one out that Lunatik Athletiks even shared on their facebook page:  :D

I was wearing their Energetic Argyle Compression socks during the race.  I got a lot of stares at the start line, but I was like, "I know you wish you were wearing these babies!" ;)

On our way home from New Glasgow, Matt and I were totally determined that we'd devour Pizza and Chinese food as a celebratory reward.  Turns out, we were both so nauseous from the heat and dehydration of running 26 miles 385 yards that we nearly puked.  We had loads of left overs on Monday night for dinner though, lol.  :D

Sunday night's festivities: 

Report card writing, smiling at my trophy, and devouring frozen Greek yogurt...good times!

 Matt surprised me with flowers on Monday to celebrate the Marathon victory and I also got a new teaching position for next year!

Speaking of teaching, look what one of my 5 year old students built today.  He felt super cool when I asked to take a photo of his work of art. ;)  I'm going to miss those little cuties next year. 

Well, I'm off now to rest up, even more....:)  I'll let you know how tomorrow's returning run goes.
Happy Running,
Heather :) 
P.S. Next up is the Epic Canadian 5km for Courteney and I.  It's on June 29th! 

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  1. I can't get enough of your race stories and such. So proud of you and know you are moving on to even better races!! You go girl!