Wednesday, 5 June 2013

You'd Better Be Running Today! ;)

Happy National Running Day!

I think it is awesome to dedicate a day to Running.  It is celebrated on the first Wednesday of June and you can check out more info. here!  If you use any sort of social media at all, I mean at all, you would have seen the oodles of notifications that we celebrate 'Running' today.  No complaints here! ;)
Just clocked off a sweet 7 miler!
Have you ever had the feeling that you weren't doing what you were meant to do? Whether it be in terms of a job, relationship or friendship, etc.?  Or even just felt as though you haven't found your passion?  Those are some of the things I've felt in the past.....and then I found Running.  <3  Yes, I can be THAT deep.  :)  I can talk about, think about and dream about Running all day long.   I'm certain that I annoy the heck out of my non-runner friends/family/coworkers!!! LOL. 

How has Running changed your life?

Here's how my National Running Day started off...............
It was someone's obviously refined carbohydrates are a must! 
BTW, this was not MY piece....I cut a smaller piece off of

 After Recess, my grade P/1 class released the Painted Lady Butterflies that we've been observing and caring for.  How much did the kids love this!? 

After I arrived home and walked Lola, I got set to go run.  I wore my Boston Marathon Supernova shorts tonight.  They are super awesome.... :D  Also sporting an Old Navy tank with a side drawstring.  I am really loving their active wear tanks.  And yes, I still hang my Boston Medal in my living room.  I just can't seem to put it on my downstairs hanger just yet.  :) 

Thoughts on tonight's run:
Pretty much thought mostly about this.......

I began to get super thirsty on the run and I've told you in previous posts how much I crave things like oranges, grapefruit, etc. on the run.  Well, I knew this sweet heaven was waiting to be devoured upon my return home! :D 

I also thought that as a Running Blogger, I'd have to post on a day that celebrates Running! 

The Run
7 miles
53:43 minutes
7:41 pace
I really enjoyed tonight's run.  My first mile was in 7 minutes...yes, I know. Waaaay too fast for me.  I was just so excited to go run.  Have you ever had that urge to just burst out and run???  or maybe I'm just crazy?  I think my first fast mile was a result of  'racing' this random guy who was out running with his dog....hehe. I passed him on a small downhill and I don't think he enjoyed 'being chicked.' ;)  I could hear the pitter patter of his Golden Retriever's paws hitting the sidewalk and getting faster.  And, you know me!  I wasn't letting him pass me.  I pushed as hard as I could until finally.....he turned into the trail.  Pweph!  LOL.  I stopped hearing the pitter patter so I turned back, which I hate doing, and he was taking a turn to the trail entry. :D 
Saturday's Upcoming Run

So the Sole Sisters 5km Run that I'm running in on Saturday is going to be renamed (by me) as "Soggy Sole Sisters."  The weather forecast is calling for 40-50 mm of rain! Last year's Sole Sister's fun run was totally rained on as well.  Matt and Lola got sogged when I hired them as my cheering squad ;)  There was even thunder and lightning as we waited for the start horn to blow. :S  It was still a super fun run none the less.  I actually enjoy aggressively splashing through puddles, once I'm already wet. :D 
This pic was taken post-run.  I am soaked and oh, look at the sun shining! (raised eyebrow). Check out the guys with umbrellas behind me.....told you it was a downpour! I do not like how I look 'bald' in this pic...LOL. My hair was totally W-E-T!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. Amazing run for you tonight! Looking forward to being the sole sister twins on Saturday...even if we are totally soggy!!

  2. Thanks Courteney! How did your run go? I am very excited about sole sisters, rain or shine!