Saturday, 1 June 2013

Soakin' up the sun!

Happy Weekend!
I hope you're having a super Saturday.  We've had glorious weather the past two days and tomorrow is looking good as well. ;)  Who would like to volunteer to be my wake-up call tomorrow?  Gotta beat the heat for that long run!
This morning's run got to a little later of a start than I had hoped.  It was 24 degrees with "feels like 30" humidity factor.  :S  I knew I'd be taking it slow and easy.  And, I knew I'd need to take along my fuel belt. 
Trying out an old navy tank for the first time. 
I love how girlie it looks with the little frill
and drawstring on the side. :)
Hydration Prep Pre-Run: Water poured for after.  I prefer my water to be room temperature so I leave it out.  Two bottles to take on the run and some Gatorade I've been sipping this morning. I like to save some for the after run as well. :D
Leaving for my run and THESE are the current weather stats!
The Run:
7 miles
57:20 min
8:12 pace
The run started out lovely.  My muscles felt like they were already warmed up between walking Lola and the heat.  I ran in the trail hoping to seek some shade from the trees. Also, I knew that running along the lake would have the normal breeze, which I usually dread on cool 
I felt pretty good all around. It was obviously hot, therefore I chose not to push the pace today.  I saw a zillion bikers, and maybe three other runners....all male.  One older man on a bicycle gave me a thumbs up as we passed by each other.  He obviously thought I'd made a great 'on sale' purchase with my neon peach old navy tank! ;) 
I drank both my bottles of at 3.5 miles (the coke plant) and the other when I was crossing a crosswalk a mile from my house.  I was dreaming of the watermelon, Gatorade and smoothie I would have when I arrived home!  I enjoyed my smoothie on the deck trying to tan my super white I am totally rockin' the 'Runner's Tan' right now! ;)
All done! How fabulous do I look?! Lol.   
 After showering, Courteney and I hit up the trail on our bikes.  It was totally much less laborious than running, ;)  There was a fantastic warm breeze that gave it a Florida feel as we sat on a bench overlooking the lake.  It was a perfect weather day! 

I sent Courteney this pic from
the change

This afternoon I hit up Old Navy in search of a sports bra.  After seeing way too many things I wanted, I tried on a bunch of stuff! 

 This evening we fired up the BBQ for the first time in forever! I was secretly worried we wouldn't have enough  We did!  Courteney came over to help eat some of the food. :D
Tomorrow's run is a long one....16 miles at least.  I can do it! You just have to remember to wake me up! ;)  
Well, my sunburned shoulders and I are going to go watch some TV before bed. Have a great run tomorrow and don't forget to fuel up with liquids!
Hope to see you on the roads,
Heather :)
P.S. Sole Sisters is in 7 days!

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