Saturday, 8 June 2013

Second Annual Sole Sister's Recap

Hey guys,

I hope you're finding somewhere dry to hang out today.  It has pretty much been raining here since I've gotten out of bed this 

Lola prefers to be lazy on rainy days!
My morning began trying to persuade Lola to go outside in the sideways rain for a walk.  She was not buying what I was selling if you know what I mean. ;)  It was pretty short and sweet. I then got geared up and headed out for a few easy miles at conversational pace, even though I was running alone, haha.  I was sogged....but felt awesome to get a run in.  I literally had the trail all to myself! :D
Following my run I came home and did my ab workout. There were 8 exercises and each consisted of reps of 30.  Lola didn't interrupt until exercise 7! 
I rested up for the remainder of the afternoon because tonight was the Second Annual Sole Sister's 5 Km run!!! Courteney and I planned to wear out shorts so that we'd see each other, and of course to look super cool.  Check us out in all our fabulousness:
This pic was taken pre-run by the winner: Denise Robson.  She parked right
by us and was so kind to snap a photo :)
Courteney and I headed up to the start line into the sea of purple!  It was totally cool.  And, the rain held up for the entire run!!! :D  At the start line I saw Nancy, who was running in her first race ever! Way to go Nancy!  The run had 2500 women....I know what you're thinking...that's a lot of estrogen to be running in one neighbourhood!!!  ;) 
Here I come down the finishing stretch...Thanks Matt for snapping the pic :)

 When I was done the race I saw Colleen!  She was volunteering.....thanks to all the super volunteers!!! Lola was busy trying to get attention from the medal girls. 

My number one fan(s)!!! <3

My best chick <3
Courteney and I sporting our Bling!

The Hardware

Lola was soooo happy to see me! LOL
                                      The Run
I would recommend this race to anyone at any level of fitness.  There are a couple of rolling hills and a few super fun water stations....this year I saw my friend Nick wearing a hot pink wig and a cheerleader outfit! LOL.  There is a hug station, chocolate station and fire fighters give you your medal at the end! :) 

Next up on June 16th is the Johnny Miles Marathon. In case you're wondering, I've signed up for the permitting of course.  I do not run well in the humidity or sun!  Stay tuned :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. gee would love to have a pair of them socks.

    1. haha.....thanks Mom! Maybe you'll get a pair for Christmas! ;)

  2. Yeah, I think I'm in serious need of some socks like that... I can't really find any anywhere except online!

    Nice big medals, and you and Courteney both look great!

    1. Thanks so much Erin!

      Congrats on your 5km yesterday!!!

      The compression socks are hard to find around here, in cool colours that is. I got my pink ones at the Boston Marathon Expo. I recently ordered more online @ Lunatik Athletiks. Check them out :D