Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Happy Place

Hi again,
It's a great day for running around here!  Just ask the oodles of other runners I saw in the path today.  I decided to get an early start this morning so that I wouldn't turn into jerky like I nearly did at the marathon last Sunday! ;)  And by early I mean 8:39 a.m. I only know the exact time since my Garmin told me so. 

Yes, I even stopped to smell these Lilacs...mmmm
The Run
12.15 miles
1:40 and change 
8:17 pace
Today I was having one of those runs where I really didn't want to stop.  I wanted to go forever.  I was reminded of how much I truly love running.  I was in the wooded path with spectacular weather and my music playing.  I was in my happy place.....or happy 'pace' if you prefer. ;)
I met up with Courteney, who was half way finished her run, down pretty close to the coke plant.  I had a drink break and of course we snapped each others' photos.  :D 
I have to give rave reviews to the new socks and sports bra I purchased yesterday!  The socks felt awesome and didn't blister my feet at all. :)  That always makes me happy. I really like the design on the back of the new Lulu bra as well. I even got Photographer Matt to snap a pic of my back to show you. Check it out: 
Okay, I have to head out now.  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit again.  Tomorrow starts the last week of the school year! Can you believe that? I am eagerly anticipating Summer Vacation like nobody's business!!! :D
Run Happy!
Heather :)
Next up is the Epic Canadian 5km in 6 days!


  1. Lilacs are my favorite! I even chose routes here that passed the most lilac bushes.

    I am NOT in my happy place right now... cottage cleaning! But as soon as it cools down, I'll run, and then I'll be happier!

  2. Imagine how happy you'll be after the cottages are cleaned AND you ran! :D