Saturday, 15 June 2013

Marathon In The Morning

Saturdays are super! :)

I love how I can just lay in bed with no sense of urgency to leap out and begin the madness of the work day. This Saturday morning was just the same feeling.  It was especially comforting when the sun beamed through my window blinds. We were beginning to think the Sun had moved on and ditched us here in Halifax.

With everything going on in my life this week, (i.e. job searching, report cards, meetings, etc.), I literally woke up this morning thinking, "Wow, I'm running a Marathon tomorrow morning!"  :0  Yes.  That really happened.  Thankfully Courteney stopped by after her run today to give me a little mental confidence boost! :)

Today's run was simply a quick 2 mile run.  I've done this before each of the five marathons I've run. It helps shake out the pre-race jitters.  I remember the Saturday morning shake out run before my first full marathon in Fredericton.  I was running and almost in tears of fear thinking, "What have I done? I've signed up for a marathon! What if I can't finish? What if I collapse?" I was terrified....Lol.  I had no idea how it would become such an addictive distance. 

The Run
     2 miles
    14:35 minutes
    7:18 pace

Tempo Tunes
I added two new songs to my iPod today for the Marathon.

1. First off, it's Selena Gomez, "Come and Get it." I love the background bongos in this song.  Take a listen:

2. Okay, don't judge If you are as annoyed by 'Classified' as I am, then you probably don't have any of his songs on your playlist right? Well, I downloaded 'Inner Ninja,' purely for the children's choir part in the song.  It's so motivating!  Try it out:

During the weeks preceding a marathon, I try to eat as clean and healthy as is very hard! lol. 

For dinner last night I made chicken breast with Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper seasoning, bowties with pesto and broccoli.  It was quite tasty. This morning's breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries thrown in.....and of course, coffee! 

After breakfast and my run I ventured off to the Running Room to stock up on gels for Matt and I.  I am really enjoying the Roctane flavours! 

Tonight's dinner will likely be more pasta....gotta get those carbs!  :D 
Thanks to Distant Runner's Facebook page for the pic. :)

I am really looking forward to the race tomorrow.  There are 100 people exactly registered for the full marathon.  The event has 2500 runners participating in total.  The Johnny Miles Marathon is always fun and I enjoy it thoroughly. Their finish line food tent is the best.  It's sponsored by Tim Hortons and they have the 'fill your own cup coffee,' wraps, cookies, etc.  :D The Johnny Miles Race is where I ran my first ever 1/2 Marathon in 2009. Wow, time sure flies by!
Well, I've got to go load up my gel belt and decide on what to wear for the run!
Wish me luck! ;)
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love Inner Ninja. Little Fox and I crazy-dance to that one all the time. :)

    Hope you have a great run tomorrow!

  2. Good Luck, Heather! You'll do fantastic!

  3. Good Luck've got this!!!!!