Sunday, 2 June 2013

In the Groove? Keep Going!

Happy Sunny Sunday!

It's yet another beautiful weather day.  The Running Weather God's delivered this morning.  I had a long run to do and was determined to leave earlier than yesterday's 10 a.m. departure. I was on the street pounding pavement by 8:45 a.m.  Not bad. 
I'm all ready to go.  I slathered on a super thick layer
of sport sunscreen and decided to wear the visor today.  It
was quite cooling and blocked the rays that showed up later
in my run from my face. :)

There was a foggy haze and a slight breeze when I headed out the door. refreshing.  I did my run in the nice flat crushed gravel trail.  It felt very good on my legs and feet.  I saw many many runners on the trail, including Courteney!  I spotted her in her fluorescent green shorts and tank from a far! :D 

The run felt very good overall.  There was a rough patch between miles 11-13 where the trail has an 'invisible incline'.....this is what Courteney and I call one of those weird sections that you can't really tell from looking increases in incline, but your body feels the climb. I took a gel and some Gatorade and once the trail became 'flat' again, I was good to go.  I fuelled up today with Gu: Vanilla Bean and Mandarin Orange/Vanilla. I took the first one at 11 miles and the other at 17.5. 

I always bring home my wrappers if there's no trash can around,
or if I'm too lazy to stop and dump  Remember runners, be Green!
Well, my training schedule called for a 16 mile run this morning.  Matt arrived home after eight o'clock after finishing a solid 20 miler.  I had 20 mile envy on the run so I made a deal with myself:  If I take it slow and feel okay I can do a 20 as well.  :D  Guess what? I no longer am envious! Lol.

The Run
20 miles
8:24 pace

My sneakers are super dusty from the run!
Looking totally fantabulous after the run...NOT!
Check out what Lola is up to when I'm out running: 
She chills with Matt at the office.  <3

Thanks for visiting my blog page.  I am off to meet up with a friend for a much desired coffee! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

P.S. Sole Sisters is in 6 Days!


  1. You and Matt are so funny and super competitive with each other...I have to chuckle. Great run girl!!!

  2. Oh yes, we are definitely competitive with one another! lol. Now if I were only as fast as he is, ;)