Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Foam rollers, Field trips and Hot Runs

Happy Wednesday!

I just have to tell you that I am aaaaaaaaalmost on Summer Vacation! I'm not excited at all. ;)

 My main goals for this Summer will be:
1. Visit my family in NL
2. Get in spectacular shape :D I plan to bike much more and do more weight training. 
3. Relax :D This one sort of counteracts with #2, lol.
4. Run in as many races as my body and health will permit.  Also doesn't gel with #2, lol.
5. Hang out with Lola during normal work hours :D
6. Go out to dinner with Matt more often, like maybe during the week! ;)

Foam Roller
Well, Courteney and Heidi promised me that this foam roller would change my life.  Funny thing is, Lola strongly disagrees and thinks it's a brand spankin' new toy for her:
Finally she gave up and decided to just bark at it while I rolled.  Because that's how she rolls. ;)
Hot run
Well, Tuesday was actually the hottest day ever in the history of the world I think am certain.  At lunch when I walked to a local coffee shop by my school I stepped outside and could actually feel sweat rolling down my back. Nice. When I checked the humidity factor it was reading 38 freakin' degrees!!! On my way home from work it had cooled all the way down to 36.  Insert jaw drop here, as I have to go run in this heat/humidity. 
The Run
Super hot
5 miles
8:08 pace
Earlier on Tuesday, I took my Primary/One class on a field trip to Point Pleasant Park.  It wasn't as much of a cooker down there since it was along the ocean. :)  Okay, if you have never been here, go! It's gorgeous.  I was totally envious of all the runners striding by as I was scavenger-ing with the little ones, although that was also super fun. ;)  I texted Matt and Courteney to tell them I am planning on coming here for many runs during my Summer Vacation, did I mention that to you yet? Let's add Summer goal
 #7 Run in Point Pleasant Park :)
Point Pleasant Park Halifax.
Double Race Weekend
Yes, you read that correctly. Courteney and I are planning on doing the Epic Canadian 5km on Saturday morning and the Bedford 5km on Sunday morning!  Double races = double bling, and I'm ALL about that. ;)  I'm super sure I will not PB, since I suck at 5ks, lol.  Plus my legs still are not the freshest since the Johnny Full last Sunday.  You can find links to these races on my Race Itinerary page. :)
Stay tuned!
Thanks so much for reading my rambling thoughts about running.  And, don't worry, over the summer, I'll be blogging much let's make that Summer goal #8 Blog as much as possible!
Run Happy!
Heather :)


  1. Gah, so jealous of your blingy weekend! Not every race has to be a PB.... just run! :)

  2. Thanks Erin! What's the next race for you?

  3. I've started making my summer list.
    1. Go horseback riding, I've never done it before.
    2. Run the Sackville trail, for a 12k run
    3. Go kayaking
    4. Have a picnic at Peggy's Cove

    I'm going to keep adding to it...thanks for giving me the idea of setting up a 'to-do' list!

    1. Haha no problem! I have a few other gardening things I should have added as well... :)