Friday, 7 June 2013

City Run, Coffee and Fast Running

Happy Weekend!  (That saying never gets old)

How awesome has your week been? :D  Mine flew by, completely!  Work is totally busy with wrapping up the end of the year.  I was actually exhausted when I was driving home today.....and am still yawning! 

Speaking of work, one of my students saw my Blue Nose pics and said, "Wow Ms. Callaghan, you look pro!" This is now my favourite pic: :D Sorry, I had to put that out there...Lol. Does it matter that one of the other kids said 2 seconds later, "Yeah, that looks nothing like you."  LOL!
Blue Nose 2013 1/2 Marathon. 
Running through Point Pleasant Park, Halifax NS.

You have to run fast, to be fast: Sounds so obvious doesn't it!? 

So I saw this video on the Running Room's facebook page and it was very informative in terms of the logistics and physiology involving your muscles, breathing and process of adapting your body to fast running.  If you've ever wondered what "Interval Training" is all about, then take a look:   It's only 2 1/2 minutes long. :)
The Science of Intervals

My BFF: The Bean
I knew I loved coffee for a reason....or actually, now it's more like 8 reasons. ;)  Check out the article below for some of the benefits of your cuppa' Java!
Benefits of the Bean

City Run
Well, yesterday morning I packed up my running gear to take to work with me.  My school has a super long lunch: 1 hr 25 minutes...I know your jaw just dropped a little.  I also knew there was a chance that I'd not get my evening run in because I possibly would have to chaperone the Strings concert at school that night, (assumption valid).  P.S. The Concert was fabulous.....I have some super talented students!

The Run
4.13 miles
33:24 minutes
8:06 pace

Okay, so you cannot be concerned with your pace when you have to stop every couple hundred metres for a traffic  One reason I'm glad I live where I live. Plus, I have not mastered the art of learning light-less routes! ;)  It was very warm out and my mouth was super dry.  I ran UP a street that I usually drive DOWN after work each felt like a mountain.  I have to say it was amazing to conquer it and get all the way to the top without walking, though I did consider it...many times. 

I hydrated post-run with a McDonalds Mango, banana, strawberry smoothie.  It was very refreshing!

And, here's a random cute picture of Lola in bed this morning...hehe.  What is she doing!?

Then I went upstairs for breakfast and discovered that Matt had left me a message: 

Cheers to that! :D My legs needed the rest ;)

Soggy Sole Sisters...just kidding
Matt picked up race kits for Courteney and I tonight for tomorrow's Sole Sisters 5km run.  I really like the material and style of the shirts.  Plus, hello......look at all those Honibe Honey Candy!  I mean, who doesn't love candy!? 

Post Tropical Storm Andrea is STILL on it's way to Halifax, although I'm hoping the heavy rains/wind will dissipate by the time the run begins at six....fingers crossed! 
Random Side Note
I wore this shirt to work today, and I got the most compliments I've received all year........from students and coworkers.  Go WINNERSHave you ever found any treasures there???

So, finish off your Friday evening with some fabulousness, or just chill in your PJ's as I am doing, :D

Thanks for visiting!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I also love that race photo of you. I really hope the rain tapers off in time for Sole Sisters run tonight! Even if it doesn't though, it'll still be fun!

  2. Thanks Heidi! I'll be sure to post pics and do a recap, ;)