Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer Recap

Back to Back 5ks!

Yep, you heard it and I did it for the first time ever....back to back races.  :)

I usually dread even hearing the word 5k race....ugghhh! Let alone running two of them within 24 hours. 

I did not have any high expectations today since I totally bonked in yesterday's You will be so proud of me though---NO PUKING! And everyone gave a cheer :) hehe. 

Once again the day started off with, you guessed it, rain and drizzle.  There was also a  cool breeze.  I was actually quite liking that part, since yesterday's humidity was through the roof. Courteney and I shivered under a tree before heading out to line up on the street. I spotted last year's female winner in the crowd and she looked super fast.

 Do you ever take inventory of potential 'fast' people at the start?

The horn goes and we're off!  I immediately thought 'how am I doing this again today? Yesterday's run went so horribly wrong.' But I tried to maintain pace behind a woman I recognized from other races who always finishes about a minute or so ahead of me.  'I'll try and stay with her' were my thoughts.  She remained in my sights for the entire race....that was not easy though!  The course was relatively flat and I did run a fast 5k for me....and I didn't even vomit at the finish. :)  

The Run
3.1 miles (5km)
21:08 minutes
6.57 pace
After a race I feel like I always have something that I've learnt from it.  Stop me if this is too deep! Lol. Following the run yesterday I learnt that I do not do enough speed work. I'm usually focusing on my distance and endurance. I would like to become a faster runner and therefore will work on my speed this Summer. 

Today what I learnt is that I will race in any type of weather. Matt and I have done the hypo half marathon, which is during the month of February in the snow and slush. We have also run the Falmouth Freezer 1/2 Marathon as well...another February scenario similar of course. We've also raced in crazy hot/humid races as well as days that rain like cats and dogs!

I also learnt that I have a great friend who enjoys racing and running as much as I do to get up at six a.m. on the weekend and go run in torrential downpours!  :D  And yes, we think dressing alike is cool! Lol. 

Thanks again for stopping by.  At this point I am uncertain as to what my next race will be....Possibly the Tely 10????  Stay tuned!

Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. Yay for no puking! Glad you had a satisfying weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Erin! I think tomorrow will be a rest day, :)

  2. Hey sis (LOL)...don't forget a big hooray to getting up on time today! LOL. Something should be said for pre-race routines...they should not be broken! Thanks for getting me into this crazy obsession of ours

    1. Hey yeah I didn't think of that....yay for getting up on time! Lol.

      And, you're welcome! :)