Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Truth About Chaffing

I hope you had an excellent Sunday Runday! 
The weather today called for heavy downpours, however I managed to run without any of those.....just some drizzle, which was quite refreshing if I may say so.  (As I am writing this blog, rain is seriously falling outside!)
Running towards a foggy haze.  Looks sort of Stephen King-ish.
I decided to loop out toward the 'Coyote way' in the trail today for 2.5 miles before turning back towards the Coke Plant. "Coyote Way" is the direction I was running during the summer of 2011 when I had the pleasure of encountering one of these lovely creatures.  Needless to say, I no longer run past the 2.5 mile mark alone.  :) 

I stopped to show you yet another shot of my legs and feet. :)  I am still in love with my Zensah Compression Socks!  Aren't they pretty?

It was a super run today.  Even though yesterday's 7 miler was at 1/2 marathon pace, the legs felt pretty good today. There were quite a few people in the trail this morning despite the drizzly-ness. 
The Run:
13.57 miles
1 hr 50 min
Pace: 8:08
After burning 1215 calories, do you think yesterday's cupcake is still a factor? Please say no! LOL
Matt had planned to come home from work and join me for lunch.  I made Heidi's Faux Pancake Recipe, which can be found here, for him to try out.  It was a hit! I also had Dunkin Donuts coffee and a grapefruit.  I just love the smell of coffee brewing after a long run.  Heaven!  
Yesterday Lola had a grooming appointment in the morning.  She hates me again now for a couple of days until she gets over it.  hehe.  It was necessary though.  We've only had about 2-3 days of 20 degree weather and Lola's tongue was dragging the street on our walks. Check her out in all her cuteness:
Look at her little posh paws. <3
So here's the truth about chaffing
Any preventative measures taken to reduce the effects of chaffing seem so unnecessary to me pre-run.  Sometimes I neglect to do anything about it beforehand.....this is often because I forget, not because I'm being some sort of anti-lubing rebel. ;)

When the weather gets a tad warmer, or humid, my body goes into sweat overdrive.  I usually do not even notice I've scraped off a complete layer of skin using my own salt and clothing until...........the shower.  The warm comforting shower that you long for post-run when you're shivering and dirty.  When that hot water hits an area that has chaffed, I develop the mouth of a sailor, and quite loudly I might add! 

Today I should have been fore-warned.  Matt started his run a couple of hours earlier than I did, (You know today is Coronation Street Ensemble day). :D  When he returned home from a stellar run (post-injury I might add), he went downstairs to shower.  All was good until I heard what I thought to be the sound of a hyena coming from the bathroom---Uh oh!  Let me just say that women's sport bras prevent us from experiencing this excruciating pain of 'nipple chaffing.'  Thank goodness.

I've put band aids on Matt prior to a marathon before and this does seem to help.  For myself, I usually slather a layer of Vaseline around the sport bra line.  I don't wear cotton if that's what you're thinking.  I just believe that after hours of sweat/salt pounding on your skin, no glide or lubricant is going to be that resilient.  So basically, I have a deep painful irritation between my lovely! 
Thanks again for visiting!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

P.S. The Blue Nose is in one week!!!  Are you ready?


  1. I think I experienced my first bout of chafing just this morning, actually. Nothing painful, just some redness. But it was enough to clue me in and be a warning of things to come. Hopefully I remember to prevent it next time!

    Red Fox and I used to faithfully watch sunday morning Coronation Street... until Little Fox came along! We're so out of touch, we'd never catch up!

  2. Hi Erin,
    I will certainly remember the Vaseline on my next long run....ouch!

    I am totally hooked on Coronation Street. I just love all the drama ;)