Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Big 1000!!!

How's everyone doing? 

I'm doing pretty good.....can't complain. ;) 

The Big 1000
Are you wondering why I've called this post 'The Big 1000?" :D  LOL....if I read that on someone's blog page I know I certainly would.  Well, as it turns out today is the day my yearly mileage to date has reached over 1000kms.  Yay!  I know I always talk in 'miles,' but I'm always converting in my head back and forth from miles to kms.   I also feel like reaching 1000 kms is a huge benchmark for me! Take a look:

Kms to date!
Topping 1000 kms actually happened on the run tonight.  Yesterday my YTD mileage was 997 and some change.  :)  

                                              The Run
      4 miles
     30:36 min
     7:39 pace

Tuesday Techno Tempo Tunes
*say that ten times fast! LOL
Okay so I have gotten carried away with the alliteration.....after all I am an elementary teacher. :D 

I dug out an old mixed CD on my way home from work today and found some music that I thought was super cool when I was in University....lol. I decided that some of the songs would be totally 'iPod worthy' and put them onto my "Running Tunes" playlist when I got home.  Check 'em out:
1. "Illusion," by Benny Benassi

2. "Satisfaction," by Benny Benassi....Satisfaction

Other Randomness
It's obvious the Blue Nose Marathon Weekend is nearing.  People at work, as well as neighbours, are asking, "Are you running this weekend?" My response in my head is, "I run every weekend!" But verbally, I reply, "Yeah, just doing the half."  I know on Sunday morning near mile 10 (16km) I'll strongly regret saying "just doing the 1/2."  That's about the time during a half marathon where I've realized I've probably gone out too fast and am trying to hang on.  This has very seldom worked for me...lol.  This Sunday I'm planning on working on pacing.  I doubt I'll PB, but who knows.  The Speed gods may be on my side! ;)

People at work are also asking, "How are your feet?" My feet are actually healed up very well.  But I think I must have traumatized some of the staff with my dried up bloodied feet pictures. :D Good times.

I did not have any pics of 'food' to show you tonight, lol.  You're probably glad about that?  haha.  Sometimes when I have very few pictures, I feel like my post looks boring, since I am a very visual person.  So really, I do it for your viewing pleasure, :D

Thanks again for visiting!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

P.S. The Blue Nose Marathon is in 5 days!!!

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