Friday, 10 May 2013

Story exchanges, Meals and Workouts

 TGIF everyone!
It's nearly the weekend again and can you believe that there are only 7 weeks of school left until Summer Vacation!!?? :D  For me that means that things will only get busier from now until June 28, but there's not much I can do about that. :)

Nadia, Paul and I at the Athlete's Village.
Yes, I am wearing 4 shirts + jacket. :)
Missing from the photo is Nick. 
I caught up with a friend on Thursday who travelled with me to the Boston Marathon....actually I met up with two of them.  One briefly at lunch and had a nice coffee date with the other after work. It was so nice to chat and hear their stories of all the race day events.  Everyone had an awesome run, and from what we all said, a spectacular experience on course! 

This is the breakfast of champions:
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w/jam and
Smoked Salmon! :S But hey,
it works for
We had such a fantastic trip and then the events that unfolded after the finish, no one could have predicted!  I am so grateful that we all made it home safe and sound. :) 
A Peek into my diet:
This feels as private as a Diary entry! lol.  I'm probably only sharing this because I feel it was pretty healthy this week, ;) 
I've been on a veggie kick lately: Trying to incorporate as many of them as I can into each meal at dinner.  We had a tasty stir fry on Monday night.  It was very filling...Matt's post meal comment, "That was a lot of food!" :D 
Wednesday morning's breakfast included a recipe I tried out from Heidi.  They are a kind of faux pancake.  What you do is:
  • mash 1/2 a banana,
  • add in 1/4 cup of oats
  • add in two egg whites
  • whisk it all together
  • pan fry the mixture with PAM on the pan and
  • chop the other half of the banana to put on the top, (along with a dash of maple syrup). 
  • Yummo!
Since we are avid 'chicken eaters,' I usually have some chicken breast left over.  I enjoy making wraps to pack for my lunches. I add in some mixed greens, shredded cheddar, peppers and a teaspoon of either pesto, salsa or the sweet onion salad dressing....along with the chopped/shredded chicken breast. Check out the wraps I bought, hehe. Matt claims that, 'Their marketing tactics worked [on me] for sure." I wonder why??? 
I've been much more diligent with paying attention to my muscles this week.  Some of the things I've been doing are the '8 minute ab video,' (In my "online resources" section), and the ab workouts Matt taught me.  Some of the names we use for this series of 8 exercises include: "side to side, leg lifts, breakthrough, row your boat, crunch, toe touch," and a few more, hehe.  I do 30 reps of each.....don't forget to stretch out your back after an ab workout.  I enjoy doing the 'child's pose' to get a good back stretch. 

I've also been using the 10lb dumbbells to do shoulder lifts (front and vertical), bicep curls, back reps using dumbbells in sitting position, and squats. 

I sometimes need A LOT of motivation to workout at home.  What motivates me is the good feel of muscle fatigue the next morning and the difference I notice in my body over time. I always feel better after I workout, and when I run of course!  

I saw this on my facebook and thought it was hilarious! I love Morgan Freeman's voice, so this was very fitting.

Just to clarify: My runs are not always this stellar! ;)

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you on the roads!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

The Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon is in 9 days!!!


  1. OMG 9 days. I'm "only" doing the 10k, but I'm still nervous!

    That Morgan Freeman thing made me laugh out loud. I love that. I might save it, print it, and put it on my running bulletin board!

    1. Yeah, the Blue Nose seems to be sneaking up on us! lol. I've done that 10k twice's very fun! And, it's not "only" ten km....LOL. Those are hard for me as I suck at pacing, ;)

      Good Luck!

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