Saturday, 25 May 2013

Soggy Weekend

Hi again,
I hope you are having the best weekend!  Check out what I've been up to: 
Brief latte break at lunch on Friday with Matt :) I took this pic more so because I never ever get the 'heart effect' on any lattes I order and here is one!  This is an awesome Maple Latte from Second Cup.  Try it out :D
Oh! I am so excited to tell you that Courteney bought a bike pump!!! Why on earth is this exciting you ask?  Well, if you recall my attempt to ride my bike last Monday and having insufficient air capacity AND having to 'walk' my bike home....that is why. :)  We took our bikes for our first ride of the season in the BLT trail system Friday after work.  We did nearly 13km and chatted the whole time.  We even ventured out the trail 'The Coyote Way' because we thought we could definitely out-ride the coyotes......maybe???

Saturday morning's run
Well, it has been raining here in Halifax for about seven years now.  It is not even the least bit funny.  Literally since the Blue Nose ended last Sunday, it has been wet out. Okay, so not seven years.....but it sure feels like it!
Today I was absolutely not sure what to wear running.  Matt returned home from a ten miler in the trail and was sogged through and through.  He assured me it was still 'warm and humid' out.  But, when you're not out running in it, it seems very skeptical that wet rain can feel warm, especially on a windy day, (raised eyebrow).
So, I geared up with capris, t-shirt and running jacket.  Oh yeah, and hat.  I had to be prepared for the rain if it down-poured!  Needless to say, Matt was right........but you better not tell him!  ;)  It WAS warm.  This meant that I had to take off my jacket in the trail and tie it around my waist.  This would have been easier if my Garmin wasn't strapped around my jacket on my arm and if I STOPPED RUNNING!  I surprisingly removed the jacket and Garmin, tied the jacket around my waist, while holding keys and my Garmin and then re-strapped on my Garmin with superb coordination and didn't even slow in pace, much.  :D how many times did I just write 'Garmin?' LOL
What do you mean you don't think I'm colour coordinated??? ;)

The Run (coke plant and back home)
7 miles
7:52 pace

On rainy runs like this, you get the whole trail to yourself!

You know what they say about the couple who runs in the rain...
They get their feet wet! hehe
Matt's sneakers are stuffed with flyers to help speed the drying process. He got caught in a down-pour and they were totally saturated with water.  Erin taught me this 'flyer' trick a few years ago and it works like a charm. 
Thanks Erin! :)
Sometimes I think I over-think food.  My lunch post-run was a smoothie and turkey breast sandwich.  Very satisfying. :) p.s. do not add grapefruit to your smoothie if you are all out of oranges....consider this a warning! It does not taste good!

Downtown Adventures
I had to return something today at Lulu and Courteney decided to tag along because she had a gift card for Lulu lemon since CHRISTMAS in her wallet! Okay, that thing would have definitely burnt a hole in my pocket.  Just sayin'.  We decided to then try out this new frozen yogurt place before heading back home. Amazing! You fill your cup with whatever flavour you like and then add any toppings you awesome!  
This is Courteney's version.  I did a much better job at filling my cup! :D

Tada! Winner of most calories per cup is right here :D  It was totally delicious!!! If you go there, try the pina colada flavoured yogurt. Yummo!

 Me taking pics of the place.  Then spotting............
 Ginormous jars of Nutella! Do you hear angels singing too? ;)
 And, then I returned home to my fuzzy faced friend who insisted I've ignored her for much too long and that the only way she'd forgive me is if I rubbed her belly. 
The end!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

p.s. If you are hogging the sunshine somewhere else, give it back! :D

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