Sunday, 26 May 2013

Long Run in the Sun!

Happy Sunday Runday!

The weather gods have finally shown mercy on us....We have sun today!!! I'd better not say that too loudly or it might hide again. ;)

I once again was uncertain how to dress. Matt returned home from his 16 miler and I asked, "what should I wear running?" He replies, LOL, "Nothing, it's hot out!" I said, "I don't think you'd like that too well." LOL....he quickly corrected himself and said, "No, like t-shirt and shorts would be plenty."  I had to put that in there.....I thought it was so funny! 

So what do I do......overdress again, duhh! After 1.5 miles, I took off my long sleeve and tied it around my waist.  It really didn't bother me at all so I didn't loop back around and ditch it. 

Look at my new friend I met on my run!

He let me get real close for 2 more pics.  But then, Kermit had to go :( 

It was a great run today.  There were major wind gusts here and there, but I actually enjoyed them to cool off.  I saw many other runners in the trail. I snapped this shot to show you just how beautiful the trail is!  Try hard not to be jealous.  :D 

Here's a weird little thing I After taking this pic I realized there was a runner up ahead.  What you do is similar to 'reeling in a fish on a pole.' I've read about it in running books.  Basically it follows the motto, "If I can see you, I can catch you." hehe.  You try to catch up to them and pass them, nicely of course.  So I targeted two runners today, separate occasions.  Victim number one: ;)
She was wearing this year's Blue Nose shirt!  Once I finally got past her I waved.  She was quite gracious and said, "Go for it girl.  You look so energized!" Little did she know I was only 3 miles in and looked like death 8 miles later when I took this horrible shot:  

Mile 11: I know, what a mess! lol

I stopped here to fuel up with Roctane's
'Island Nectars.' This is totally my new
 favourite flavour.  Give it a try!

 Next up at 12 miles, I saw a male runner.  I didn't think I could 'reel him in' because I was very tired and my legs were done at this point.  Obviously he was zonked as well. I caught him! hehe.   
2 more miles to home.  I can do it! lol.....I'm so thirsty as the humidity is at max today!

Finally, all done! I snapped this pic to show you my tied shirt that stayed on for my run and barely moved.....other than a slight shift to my left side. :)
The Run
14 miles
1 hr 55 min
8:14 pace
Today's Recovery
I refuelled with whole wheat toast w/peanut butter, banana and eggs.  And, of course, Tetley tea! :D
Well, I hope you had an excellent running weekend as well.  How was your run???

Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. Your recovery meal looks so yummy! I wore my new shorts and a tshirt to run...and I was still hot in the trail!
    Do you play this game when you run? If I see a biker/runner coming the other way and I think we are going to pass one of those baracade things at the same time...I force myself to go faster to beat them. Then I silently go 'hehe' when I get there first. Silly...I know!!

  2. Hahaha....I do that too! I get excited when I have new gear to try out. :D