Thursday, 16 May 2013

Legs Don't Fail Me Now

Hey guys,
The Blue Nose weekend is almost here! Are you excited??? I've told all my grade fives to keep an eye out for me.  Now I must wear my hot pink compression socks to be visible to them among the thousands of runners!  :D 


I love how Matt is in Taper mode and I'm in 'barely hanging on/stale legs mode.' Lol.
Wednesday's Workout

Following Wednesday's 10km run, I came home and was determined to do my 8 minute abs video.  I laid out the yoga mat, where Lola decided it would be a great place to do some of her own stretches, (raised eyebrow here).  I got through it.  Barely  Doing a core workout following an intense Tempo pace run is tough!  Ever try to bare all your strength into your core with precision while dealing with a toe cramp? Not fun! lol.  Also to mention, while attempting these moves a little furry face trying to lick you.....Lola!

Side note:  I love seeing people I know driving  by when I'm running. :)  Saw Courteney and Jason on Wednesday's run.  By the way, you can totally tell the difference between 'friendly recognition beep' and 'Hey, I'm a pervert beep!'  That is a whole other post all together! LOL.

Second side note: I always feel I have to straighten my form and run longer faster strides when I see someone I know.  Oh yeah, and not show the 'hurt' on my face.  Come on, you know you do that too! ;) LOL.

The Run
6 miles
45:32 min
7:35 pace

Okay, I was insanely exhausted tonight!  lol.....I don't know what it was, but work was sure busy, so that's probably it.  I spent the day obviously teaching.  I sat down and had a great chat with coworkers at lunch about the Blue Nose...btw, when I am engaged in a conversation about races or running, I do not shut up. :D That lasted for all of ten minutes when one of my grade fives came and knocked on the staff room door saying, "Ms. Callaghan, don't we have lunch and learn today???" So, off I went Spent my prep taping my caterpillar chrysallis' to the top of our butterfly tent. Staff meeting after school, which I kind of forgot about....don't tell, got groceries, walked Lola when I got home and was completely tuckered out.  Oh yeah, and I was supposed to do a 3 miles run :S  Where was I going to get the energy??? 
Why do I have the feeling I'm being followed??? ;)
It was one of those nights where I had to literally drag my butt out the  By the time I was at the bottom of my street though, I was totally happy that I did. :) 

The Run
3.09 miles
23:39 min
7:41 pace 

Now, it's all rest until Sunday morning: RACE DAY!

Luckily I'm one of those cautious people who checks their junk mail folders on a daily basis 'in case something important slips through there.'  :) Isn't it disturbing that half the messages in my junk folder offer me ways to 'enlarge my (male private part that begins with 'P')???? Clearly those messages are from someone who knows me...NOT!!!

 I received my bib number for the Blue Nose pick up via e-mail today.  I'll be rockin' out with #2153!

Check me out: Bib #2153 :D

Speaking of the race, I will most definitely wear some throw-aways.  The temperature in the early morning is saying a 'low of 1 degree Celsius!' Do you wear throw-aways at a race? 

Well, I'm off to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy!!!!

Happy Running and I hope to see you at the Blue Nose!
Heather :)


  1. Yeah, mine was in my junk mail too. Good thing I checked! I'm number 4402!

    I'm so undecided about what to wear! I have limited running clothes, so I don't have much to choose from. And not much time to go buy something new AND have time to test it.

    It's gonna be chilly... when I ran my first race, it was 2 degrees (the PEI marathon 5k last fall). I was SO GLAD to start running and get warmed up!

  2. Hey Erin,
    It will be chilly! I'm also undecided on that to Usually I am certain.

    Good luck on your run!
    Heather :)