Monday, 27 May 2013

Kale, Rest and Motivation

Hello again!
I have to start off by telling you about these Kale Chips.  To be honest, a parent from school told me about them this winter saying that she feels they are the reason she 'never gets sick.'  I couldn't be bothered to look up how to make them.  But, on one of our get-togethers, Heidi cooked some up.  When she said they were super easy, I decided to give them a try.  All you do is:
  • wash your kale and tear it into pieces (or you can buy baby kale, which is small enough to use as is!).
  • drizzle with EVOO on a pan of some sort....I use tinfoil as a shield.
  • top with your choice of spices.  These have sea salt and black pepper on them.  Heidi used this awesome Thai spice that I now put on my roasted veggies :D
  • bake at 375 for 15 minutes or so
  • Enjoy! 
Heads up: they shrivel down to nearly nothing!
 On my plate below, the kale chips are on the far left. :)
chicken, brown rice, roasted veggies and kale chips. :)

R-E-S-T with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
This is how Lola and I enjoy spending Sunday afternoons post-long run: Watching Ross and Rachel's escapades on reruns of "Friends."  How much do I love that show!?
Lola is just in shock that Ross made 'a list.'  hehe

Spirit of the Marathon
How is it that I have not watched this 2007 documentary on Marathon Running until this past weekend!?!?  I have heard Hal Higdon refer to it before, but never ever looked into it.  Recently, there have been posts on facebook about a "Spirit of the Marathon 2" and Courteney said she watched the first one via Youtube. So of course I checked it out and so should you!  :D It's super motivating.  I was so into it, I'm not even certain I blinked.  True.  ;) 

The movie follows six marathoners as they train to run the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.  One of the featured runners is elite female marathoner Deena Kastor, who I'm pretty sure can fit into my back tiny is she!? At the end I was pacing my living room with my hands over my face in excitement watching the finish. Give it a watch---Please! It's 1 hr and 36 min or so....but you won't even notice. I've added this to my Online Resources section as a motivation 'Resource.'  :D Spirit of the Marathon

Random pic for your viewing pleasure :)
One of these things just doesn't belong here. Can you tell me which one isn't the same??? Okay I was singing that out loud as I typed!
You DON'T keep your bike in your kitchen???? Don't you know it's the new trend?  Just kidding.  I was too lazy to take it all the way out to the shed across my soaking wet back lawn!  It will make it's way out there soon, I promise.  :D

Today's Agenda
Today (Monday), is a rest day for me.  A greatly appreciated rest day! By the way, can one of you pass that message onto my grade 5 class.  I think I worked up a sweat during our Math class on 'Fractions' today!

That being said, I may do my 8 minute abs, if I develop the energy!

Thanks for visiting me and I hope to see you on the roads.   

Happy running,
Heather :)

P.S. The Sole Sisters 5k is in 12 days!


  1. Love that the bike is still in the kitchen. Can you believe my bones around there are still sore...I think I might have bruised them. LOL
    Did Matt like the kale chips?? I need to get some of that Thai seasoning!

  2. haha...mine are too!

    Matt loved the Kale chips....I was shocked! :D