Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Happy Wednesday!
I'm beginning tonight's post with a pic from last night's post-1/2 marathon run.  My 'thumbs up' indicates that I am 'good to go' in terms of leg freshness.  :D 

I think this pic is an optical illusion.  My thumb nails are not that long...what's up?
The pic below shows me heading out for tonight's 6 miler sporting my Blue Nose 2013 shirt.  The caption reads, "Run like you're 10 years old." I love that slogan! Although, most 10 year olds in our School Running Club run like so:  Sprint as hard as you can until  you crash and then have to walk with your hand on your side sporting rosey red cheeks. I did not run like I was 10  :D  The kid's shirts this year read, "This run never gets old." (also a good one). 
I was a wimp tonight and had to wear a jacket.  It was 7 degrees but I was shivering.  Okay, I even wore gloves! LOL

The Run
6 miles
47:48 min
7:58 pace. 

Okay, how sweet are my grade 5 girls?!  This is the sign they made for me to cheer me on at the Blue Nose on Sunday.  Unfortunately the girl who had the sign was unable to go cheer, so I did not see it until today. So sweet <3
Yes, those are my sock feet holding the sides down, lol.  It kept curling  up!

Recovery Fuel
I hope you have tried this smoothie from another previous post!  I've added this pic to show you how I prep everything before I leave so that when I get home, my recovery shake is literally 'the push of a button away.' :)  I have to add that we've had this $15 Wal-Mart blender for over 2 years and it STILL works great! :D The recipe for the shake can be found here!
Since Protein is your BFF in terms of muscle repair/recovery, I make sure after a super duper long run or hard race to refuel with a shake as a supplement to my daily diet.

Tempo Tune
Don't judge me.  We used to listen to this song during warm ups when I was on the high school volley ball team. LOL.  I added it pre-Blue Nose as a 'pump me up song.'  It's Prodigy's "Breathe."  Check it out:
Thanks again for visiting!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Certainly no judgement here! That's a great pump-up song! I tree-planted for a summer, and our 5-am pump up song was Ozzy's Crazy Train. Every morning. :)

    1. Lol, hey, whatever works!

      I worked with a girl who tree-planted one summer. I wonder if you know her??? :)

  2. Love seeing your posts first thing in the morning...It's my 'morning paper' reading!

    Love the song as well!