Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gab Fest & Spring Runs :)

Hey there,
I hope everyone had a super weekend! The weather was awesome for sure I had two solid runs today and yesterday.  The temperatures were in the mid teens and the sun was out in full force.  I even got a slight sock tan!  Is it pathetic that I am psyched about that???? lol.
Saturday's run was supposed to be a 6 mile run.  However, when I am 3 miles out from the house in the trail, I can see the coke plant within close distance.  So, I might as well just run to the coke plant and then turn around, right? 
The Run: 7 miles (11.2km)
              54.28 minutes
              Pace: 7:47
When I arrived home still riding off my runner's high, ;) Lola was eagerly waiting for me.  <3 So we set off after I had cleaned up for the park.  Isn't she purdy? :)
My little Lola she is referred to by me, hehe.
Saturday evening plans included a 'Gab Fest' with the girls. Which basically is a get together purely for the opportunity to go on and on about how much we love to run and how we want to be better, faster, leaner, .........wait?  We're already awesome! ;)  Plus, we indulged in some tasty treats.  Take a look: Of course I headed over with my 'Mango Salsa avec blue corn chips.'  Thanks Heidi for hosting!
Delish!  :D

Matching Tees from Courteney!  How cool are we?  ;)
Saturday night recap: Fun, Food and Friends!

Sunday Runday

Basically I planned on doing a longish run today, between 16-20km. It was absolutely gorgeous out! Therefore, longish run turned into 12.78 miles (20.44km).

All part of the process: (top left) drink/sight seeing break,
 (top right) fuel up: Roctane's Cherry/Lime,
(bottom left) take a self-shot, in which I look like death,
(bottom right) ditch long sleeve shirt and pin onto my car
 as I run by my house.

I am happy to say that 'ditching my long sleeve shirt,' meant circling back around my neighbourhood during the first two miles and conquering the back of Charles!!!  Charles is the name of a street in my neighbourhood and the 'back,' (the way I do not usually go), is a steady incline of 0.44 miles.  Ahhh!  It really isn't soooo bad, but I usually do what I can to avoid it. :)

The Run:  12.78 miles
                1hr 46min
                8:18 pace

Stats and post run recovery shake.  I put basically every type
of fruit/berry I had into this baby and thoroughly enjoyed
 it out on the sunny deck with Lola. :)
In the picture below is Matt's morning message to me:

"How many Miles today?"

My response, "Until your legs fall off!" 

What do you mean you won't take my running advice???? ;) LOL.  (I don't blame you!)

Tempo Tune

Today when I was running in the trail, one of the songs I heard on my ipod was "Time to Pretend," by MGMT.  I sometimes forget about songs I really like until I hear them again.  This is a great song for a long run.  Give it a listen!


Well, I'm off to enjoy the remaining hours of my weekend.  Hope you enjoyed my post!
Happy running,
Heather :)
P.S. The Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon is in 2 weeks!

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