Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blue Nose Pre-Game :)

Happy Blue Nose Long Weekend!

It's Race Day Eve here in Halifax.  Last night Matt and I did our usual pre-race course drive.  Okay we did not actually drive the entire course, but the parts that sort of freak me out. :S Kara Goucher says that it's a good idea to preview your route to mentally prepare you.....and she's my idol so she has to be right! :D (BTW, Inglis street IS a hill!).

Check out what Courteney and I have been up to this morning:
You can bring gently used running shoes here to donate.....what a great idea!
I'm obviously having way to much fun dropping my shoes

I can see mine!

Courteney and I :)
Adding our ink to the wall :)
My mark: "Heather :) 13.1"

Hangin' out with Myles.
p.s. This photographer is so fired! lol. 

1/2 Marathon route...Gulp!
hehe.  Courteney is saying, "Citadel Hill," instead of "Cheese"...the 5k ers' have
to run up to the top and circle around as a part of their route....eek!
Hydrating in my new Blue Nose 10th Anniversary glass.  :)
My new Blue Nose tech running shirt. It's a New Balance one and fits quite nicely. 
I'm laughing at how my ability to snap photos of myself has NOT improved.  :S lol.
The Expo at the WTCC
Had to show this because Courteney said, "What's that?" LOL.  I'm messy!
It says, "Heather :) 13.1"

The new shirt....I may wear this for the race???
Today is a rest day...thank goodness.  I'm zonked! I'm going to spend the day updating my iPod playlist and probably watching Friends/Seinfeld reruns.  :D 

Good Luck tomorrow if you're running and I hope to see you on course, running or cheering!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


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