Monday, 20 May 2013

Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon Recap

Good morning everyone!

I hope your quadriceps aren't as angry at you as mine are to me.  :S  Oh well, it's the price you pay for destroying your PR in a 1/2 marathon. ;) Just being funny....had to put that in there. 

Matt's message on the day

Wore my 'Boost your Boston' laces
for some Good Luck ;)

check out Nick all ready to pace the 1/2 marathon 1:45 pack.

full marathoners at the start. I always wish I was doing the full at the start
 of the Blue Nose....I'm sure I'd feel differently if I was! ;)

All ready to go....nerves are rumbling.  I hadn't run a 1/2 marathon race in nearly a year....eleven months to be exact.  Last season focused mostly on my marathons with a few 10km  races thrown into the mix. I had only run the Johnny 1/2 in 2012, which was my old PB: 1:40:25.

The Run
I felt very good at the start line.  It was totally freezing, but I used my throw away that I saved from the Boston Marathon.  Nick gave it to me.....he bought it for an "ugly sweater run" so that will give you some deets on the style! ;)  Thanks Nick!
First mile was done in 7:06....too fast, but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't do  I wanted to maintain a 7:33 pace per mile in order to do a 1:39, or in other words 'Break 1:40' current PB. After the fist mile, I flirted with 7:14-7:16 for about five, six or seven miles.  Then it lumbered up into the 7:28s.  Still within goal pace. I knew I had yet to do Inglis street where I'd lose about 30 seconds or so and the Park!!!
I entered the park around mile 9.5 or so??? I loved running on the crushed gravel but it wasn't giving me a good push off.  It was stunningly beautiful in there down near the ocean!  I slowed to a crawl up 'the hill in the park'...not sure of the name...feel free to tell me :D  When I checked my Garmin at 10 miles it read 1:14:00...that would be a new PB for me in a 10 miler....why can I not do that in the Tely 10??? 

Entering Point Pleasant Park.  I knew this was going to be bad  That is the look of focus and determination on my face.....or maybe just!

"Uh oh, Camera man! Straighten up and smile! Screw that,
 I'm way too tired and my quads feel like jello." LOL

When we left the park, I knew I was good to go in order to break 1:40, unless something unforeseen happened.  I gulped down a full cup of orange Gatorade upon exiting the park....wondering if this would later be regret, (side stitch, etc.)
Then, I ran into "Mr. Chatty pants" as I'm calling him at 11.5 miles.  :S  I am not a chatty racer!  Lol.  He wanted to break 2hrs and asked if I was on beat my goal. I told him I was and then he attached himself onto me.  FYI dude: it's not proper race etiquette to allow someone else to pace you and then cruise past them at the finish line! (raised eyebrow....this is just my feeling on the matter). :D

I am not 100% sure where this is, but I feel like it was approaching a sweet downhill nearing the finish line??? My significant Lean Back pose tells me it's definitely a downhill, lol.

Truckin' up Brunswick street...aka: the infamous incline that makes me puke!  I have to give kudos to the Blue Nose medical Volunteers.  They saw me bend over and gag.  Before I knew it I was elbow deep into a huge trash can splashing the remnants of my orange Gatorade from the park everywhere.  There were like 4-5 volunteers making sure I was okay.  I assured them that this happens 'every race' and I gave them a thumbs up and I was on my way. :)

The Blue Nose is one of my favourite races.  I love how the whole city is out, either running, cheering or volunteering.  I high fived two kids saw some bands playing in the street.  I really thought it was cool that when I was at the start line I could see the 5 km runners at the top of Citadel Hill and when we were running down Barrington street towards the dockyard, we could see literally hundreds of runners running towards Dartmouth across the MacDonald Bridge!  Awesome spectators, awesome volunteers and super awesome runners!

 I'm so proud of Matt. This was his first race since his nasty Achilles tendon injury that seemed to go on all winter! And, it also took him out of the running of the Boston Marathon.  He raced a good solid run at the Blue Nose yesterday, pain free clocking 1:24!!!!
If you've read my post, "The Truth About Chaffing,"
 here's what I'm talkin' about---ouch!

A view from Citadel Hill.  I cheered here for the finishers after I was done running. If you ever need motivation, go to a Marathon finish line!  I wiped tears from my eyes so many times watching victorious finishers raise their arms with pride and hearing loved ones scream with joy for their triumph.  Amazing.

My 1/2 Marathon Stats: Improved my old PB by 2 min 38 seconds.....chip time. Yay!
When I arrived home, I was still a bit nauseous and there was literally nothing in the house that I 'wanted.'  We had oodles of groceries, but I wanted something either really fatty or really sweet.  Then I remembered............
Our Race Kits contained SKITTLES!!! Mine are all gone now and I called dibs on Matt's too...can you convince him to hand them over?  ;)

Post-race celebratory nachos
 @ Boston Pizza


Thanks for stopping by!
Did you run the Blue Nose? If so share your success story with me!

Heather :)

P.S. Next up is the Sole Sisters 5km.....stay tuned!


  1. I don't know that mine is a success story...but ran the 5k...loved the race route despite Citadel hill. Came in at 30.31 and probably could have done under 30 except for the bottle neck at the beginning. I was not pushing myself as I did not want to injure the ITB. I am looking forward to doing the Soul Sisters with you!!!!

  2. I'm glad you had a good run and was a part of the race--Yay for bling :D The view from Citadel Hill must have been cool? Sole Sisters will rock!!!

  3. Your are my new running inspiration. 1:39 here I come! You seriously rocked that half- amazing!!

    1. Thanks Heidi! You can do it for sure!!! Who runs a 1:43 in their premier half marathon!!?? That's unheard of....mine was 1:54! You can totally pull it off. :D

  4. Congrats! That is an awesome time! I love reading your inspiring :)

    1. Thanks Laura! It was my best race yet. I feel proud of my run and pacing. Hard work pays I'm sure you're seeing. You look great btw! :)

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