Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Return of the Trail!

It's Sunday Runday!  I hope you were able to get out and log a few miles. :)

Yes, I'm a mess. I also suck at those 'self-shots.'
Today was my last sort of long run before the Marathon.....eek!  My schedule said to do an easy 8 miles.  I am still feeling guilty about Thursday night's carrot cake, lol....sooo, I upped it to 9. I'm pretty sure my sister, Trudy, thinks I'm nuts after ranting to her about it yesterday! 

 I did run easy and stop to take a few shots along the way.  How can you not want to run when you live so close to this beauty?

This is the 'coke plant' I always refer  There
were many hot/humid days in the Summer when I was
hoping someone would randomly be outside handing out 'free cokes.' 
It never happened, ever. :(  LOL 
 There were many runners, walkers, hikers and bikers on the trail today.  I felt like I could have ran forever.  The footing was so nice and cushiony-a real break from the pavement and sidewalks.  Not to mention how it is completely flat....I do like that! 

How psyched was I when I saw the BAA's facebook photo after my run??? 
One of these bags has my name on it!!!
I managed to get a lot of my 'to-do' list checked off yesterday.  There are still a few things obviously that I have left.  For instance, I can't actually pack my ipod and Garmin until Thursday.  I need both to run with on Wednesday.  I got all birthday gifts bought, which meant spending way too long at the mall....which was absolutely insane! I am going to finish working on my Marathon playlist later too.  Feel free to add your suggestions!

I was throwing something in the trash earlier and I noticed this quote on my Runner's World calendar:                                                              

I am happier as a result of this change.  :) 

 Matt Update:
As you know, Matt has been fighting a nasty Achilles injury. :(  He has been going to my Physio guy daily for intense treatment and completely resting his feet.  He's been icing like a champ, and the pain is still there.  We are hoping for a race day appearance by Matt, but we'll have to wait and see based on recovery.  This is very tough as you can imagine with Boston being the holy grail of Marathons.  Feel free to send along some speedy recovery vibes. :)
Race Day Tracking
I am very appreciative for your visits. It is motivating me knowing that people are going to be checking/watching my progress on the online streaming.  It is also a little nerve-wracking!  haha.  If you are wondering how to do this, you just simply go to the Boston Marathon official webpage.  I think you go underneath either 'Participant Information' or 'Results 2013' on race day.  There is an individual athlete search where you can either type in my name or bib number: 14677.  There is a little circle with a + in it and you click that to add me to your athlete tracking dashboard. Then don't forget to hit refresh!  :D  I begin at 10:20 Boston Time.  That's 11:20 in Nova Scotia and 11:50 in NL.
Thanks again for stopping by. 
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Boston is in T-8 days!!!


  1. I LOVE trial running. One of the things I miss living in the city.

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