Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Taper Madness

Hey everyone! 

It's 13 days out from my first Boston Marathon....I know, I haven't stopped talking about it! lol.  Well, it's a huge deal for me.  I absolutely positively cannot wait to step foot in Baaastin for the big event, ;)  And, of course to get 'The Jacket.'  I can remember first noticing the jackets at running events in 2010. ( I had just become a 'runner' in 2009).  They were a very cool electric blue and fluorescent yellow colour.  I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of that exclusive running group.  I just didn't realize exactly how hard it would be to get there!
The 2013 jacket!

Have a look for yourself to check out what the qualifying times are: Qualifying times

It is so funny, when I first met Matt, he had just run his first full marathon in Miami, FL.  I remember asking him, "what exactly is a Marathon? How far did you have to run?"  Not being 'a runner' I had no idea how difficult/long running 26.2 miles or 42.2 km would be!  Now, I'm totally hooked on the marathon bug!!! :D

As  you know, it's Taper time for me.  This is such a bitter sweet time.  I do enjoy having less mileage to cover each day, but at the same time, my mind has more opportunity to wander and wonder if 'I've ran enough miles, if I've ran fast enough,  if I've ran enough hills????"  Not to mention how I've been wide awake at night way past bedtime with a mixture of excitement/jitters.  It's all good though. I understand that this is a part of the process and that I can only do my best.  The hard part of training is complete, although the race has yet to be run!

I've been keeping busy though.  I'm finding myself you-tubing things regarding the Boston Marathon.  I absolutely could not stop laughing at this one...oh my, seriously....I hope I see her! Funny lady on Heartbreak Hill...LOL

Then I came across one from 'Ryan Hall,' Elite American Marathoner.  This one scared me a little...gulp!  Heartbreak Hill....it's not a myth!

Recovery Shake
Here's a little thing I do to make sure I am adequately recovered after a run.  I throw all my ingredients in the blender before I head out the door.  That way, when I get in all tired and thirsty I just have to hit "Shake." :D  Easy peesy lemon squeezy, right?  (I apologize. That's the P/1 teacher in me!), LOL.

Tonight's recovery shake consisted of:
  • one banana
  • one cup cranberries
  • one medium orange
  • one large scoop of whey protein
  • 1/2-3/4 cup of coconut almond milk 
  • 5 ice cubes
  • Voila! 

Tempo Tune
I was driving home the other day and heard this song on the radio.  Thought to myself, 'Oh that's just Nickelback, switch station.'  Then as I was reaching to change to another station, I said, 'Wait, I think I actually like this song.'  I am honestly not a Nickelback fan, lol.  Although, this song got my butt out the door for my run tonight and I must have hit repeat 4 times! So, does that make me a fan? I guess so! haha.

Check it out: When we stand together, by Nickelback.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy running,
Heather :)

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