Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Let the Healing Begin

Healing and Recovery.  Two very important words for marathoners.  In this circumstance, crucial.  With last Monday's events, I believe it is of major significance that we look for the positives experienced and surrounding the Boston Marathon.  I could sincerely feel the excitement and the celebration of 'Running' as I ran the infamous course from Hopkinton to downtown Boston.  I was so happy and content.  It is such a shame that the choices made by some created such a devastating end to a phenomenal race. My heart breaks for those who were killed and injured. </3

 But we will prevail.  We are runners.  We are strong.

Ribbon from last night's run in Point Pleasant Park.
Once I cross the finish line at any race, I immediately begin to scan my mind for upcoming races I am totally psyched to sign up for and how I am going to be 'faster!'  It is a part of my "Running Junkie" syndrome, :D  Or possibly the mad rush of endorphins my brain is producing... :)  Check out this finish line pic....LOL....
Look at me rockin' out on Boylston! ;)
That's kind of how I was feeling on Sunday morning when I was pumped to go for a run.  Unfortunately my legs weren't following my brain.  They felt sort of what it would be like to run with tree trunks as appendages :S The DOMS have not left me yet! (delayed onset muscle soreness).
My first run, post-race.  Sporting my Boston Sweaty Band.  The side says, "Wicked fast Runnah!" :)
My post-marathon body always feels foreign.  It's weird.  To say it is uncooperative would be an understatement.

I work in a building that has 60 stairs from bottom to top and my house also has stairs in it.  Not a good combination following an intense run of 26 miles 385 yards! ;)  I had to develop clever strategies for side-stepping stairs, (Up and down), putting on shoes, getting in and out of my car, and don't even ask about visits to the washroom---LOL....painful! I was very happy to hear that elites like Shalane Flanagan also experienced difficulty with this, ;)

Matt and I

This marathon has been the most physically and emotionally challenging to recover from of my five in total. My very light 2.5 mile run on Sunday in the beautiful sunshine was great.  Legs felt stale, but it was so liberating to get back out there! I ran easy and literally ran into two running friends, Tara and Suzanne!  I love when I meet people I know in the trail. :)  I wore my Boston jacket and felt so much pride. If it was 30 degrees out, I would have still worn it that day!  :)  Last night I attended a "Runners grieve by running" event held in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax.  It was incredible to see the amount of people who came to pay tribute to those affected by the tragic events in Boston 8 days ago.....wow, I can't believe it's been that long.  The images and memories still so fresh in my mind. <3

Courteney and I


When I returned to work this week the popular line was, "Hey Ms. Callaghan.  How are your feet?" lol.  My grade 5s were fascinated of the toe picture that had dried blood on it.....they thought it was, "sooo cooool!" ;)  Look how sweet my students are:

I have also decked out my bumper with Boston pride.  Check it out: 
Tempo Tune
Well, this song may not be "Tempo" material, but I downloaded it as soon as I arrived home from Boston.  I heard it when I was trying to calm down in the Athlete's village and review my race plan.  It's "Jumper," by Third Eye Blind.  Now when I hear it, I have a whole new appreciation for it.  I ran to it tonight and it really was motivating.  Take a listen: Jumper
So, next up on my race itinerary is the "Bluenose 1/2 Marathon" on May 19th!  Stay tuned........... 
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love your finish line photos, def frame worthy. I'm still trying to decide on the Bluenose half or 10, I def want a medal so I'll do one of them:P

  2. Thanks Heidi, I can't help but laugh at the finishing pics....I look nuts!

    I've done the Bluenose 10k 2x now and each time I said, "I'm never doing that again!" Lol. I did enjoy the 1/2 there so much though......and you know how I feel about race bling, ;)