Saturday, 27 April 2013

Geared up!

Happy Weekend!

We have finally dried up here in Halifax.  With 3-4 days of straight rain, the sun was a welcomed guest today!

Saturday started with a much needed leg massage.....oh boy!  I don't think I realized how badly my legs were in need of some loosening up.  L did an awesome job....I'll have to pay here another visit as the Bluenose approaches.

This afternoon was spent shopping. I literally went into the mall to grab a quick Mother's day gift.  I strolled around for a while sipping my Skinny Vanilla latte from Second cup and convinced myself I was in need of new Toms.  :D  I justified them pretty much like this:  "Well, it's not like I NEED new shoes, do I?  Does it help my running? No. Actually, I technically need to wear comfy shoes at work since I am on my feet all day with little kids.  When I wear any type of heel I pay later, (pain-wise), which therefore, affects my running. So yes. I'll buy them!" :D  Now, how can I argue with logic like that??? :) 
Look how cute they are!

Speaking of gear, on my way out of Sportcheck I spotted these: 
Of course I bought them.  I am so psyched to wear them running tomorrow!  I once read in a fitness magazine that Madonna is motivated to work out when she has stylish workout gear.  Well, the same applies for me with running.  When I have something 'new' to tryout or something flashy, I am far more motivated to get my butt in gear to go for a run.  Think those capris are flashy enough? ;)  I was also very motivated by gear when I arrived home from Boston and wore my Boston jacket running for the first time.  When you're geared up fashion-wise it makes the run that much more appealing to begin.  :)
 The Run: 4.2 miles 7:40 pace (trail run). I know, I still suck at those self-shots.  :D

Following the run, Courteney---from Runner Girl stopped by for a visit....or as we like to call it 'A gab fest.'  Time sure flies by when we're chatting about running. :D

Well looky here.  Hal Higdon shared MY BLOG on his facebook Marathon page and has mentioned me in the introduction of his new eBook that he is currently in the process of writing, (Insert mega freak out here)!!!
For those of you wondering who Hal Higdon is, he just happens to be my virtual coach with quite the impressive running resume. Check him out: Hal Higdon's info.
Random Running thoughts
Yes, I've decided to include another segment of "random running thinking." Beware, it's quite
  • I can't believe Boston has come and gone!  
  • Will I be fast at the Bluenose 1/2? 
  • What should I wear for the race???
  • I really don't want to do schoolwork this weekend :( 
  • Only 9 more weeks until Summer Vacation!!!! :D
  • I should really have something else for dinner tonight besides chicken and rice.....homemade meatballs are yummy......waaaay to much work for tonight.
  • Chicken and rice it is!
  • Sunday morning's Coronation Street ensemble is going to rock! I've missed it this whole week.....withdraw!
  • I'm going to make my Dunkin Donut's coffee and sit back all relaxed while I indulge in the drama....aaahhh.
  • My nose itches....(I scratch it)....I hope passers by don't think I'm picking my nose!!!
  • I'd better scratch again to reassure people I'm 'scratching' as opposed to 'picking.'
  • Great, now MORE people think I'm a running nose-picker. 
  • How can you STILL have your Christmas wreath on your house?? Really!
Well I must go eat dinner.....chicken, tortellini and tossed salad in case you're wondering.  :)
Thanks for stopping by!  Tomorrow is Sunday Runday---are you running tomorrow?  If so, how far?
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Bluenose 1/2 Marathon is in 22 days!


  1. Wow, SO cool!!! You'll have to get a book signed by him:)

    I think that's my comment that shows up on the screen with your blogpost, maybe he'll check out my blog lol;)

    P.S you WILL be very fast at the Bluenose:)

    1. Heidi, that IS sooo cool!!! lol...I was shocked!

      That is your comment :) It makes me smile.
      Thanks for the speedy thoughts....can you remind my legs that they have to be fast? They don't seem to be listening! ;)

  2. Hey the new look! and running thoughts makes me giggle every time...especially the nose scratching one!! Can't wait to see your self shot with the new capris!

  3. Thanks Courteney,
    I thought it was time to make it look more Springy. A self shot of the legs should be