Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Final Week.....eek!

 It's race week...officially today.  With the marathon being on a Monday, work, packing and allowing the whole day on Friday for travel it will be here before I know it!  OMG :0  Just having a mini freak out!

For anyone wondering, Taper Madness is not a myth.  My tapering is causing me to feel anxious about my training, I feel sluggish and I am also experiencing those darn 'Marathon Sniffles.'  Boo!  This always happens to me pre-marathon.  I read in Kara Goucher's book that this is something you should 'expect' to feel....thank goodness!  She says it's just the nerves manifesting themselves in a really stinky way.  I am certain the pharmacist at the mall thinks I'm a loonie bag!  Hopefully I never see her again.  That way she can't say, "oh yeah, that's the crazy marathoner who came in here insisting I 'fix her.'"  LOL. 

Received a Runner's World today!  Just adding it to my pile of
motivational reading material.  :)
 I always enjoy meeting up with friends to get some words of encouragement before a big race. I got some great advice and tips from E. on Sunday....and also armbands-Thanks!  I then met up with Courteney and Heidi on Monday to hear about Heidi's Marathon Recap.  It is such an accomplishment to complete a marathon, let alone one with hills like Oakland!  Check out her story: Heidi's Marathon

You begin to doubt your capabilities and 'forget' all those challenging miles you logged in the cold, snow, wind, rain, etc.  I 'know' I can do it and that I've done all the hard work, but at this time in tapering you sometimes need friendly reminders that you are a 'rock star!' ;) 

Marathon Playlist
I've been working hard to decide which songs to add to my iPod for my race.  I went through and deleted some which I just skip anyway on training runs.  Take a peek at some of the list:

Here's what I'll be listening to!

Well, I must head out now for a run.....as I can hear ice pellets hit off the window!  Tonight's a short 3 miler, then 4 tomorrow, rest on Thursday, rest on Friday and an easy 2 on Saturday.......Monday=Marathon!!!

Heather :) 

Boston is in 6 days!!!

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