Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wonderful Weekends...ahhh

Hey everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week.  I absolutely love and appreciate my weekends, as I'm sure you do as well.  :)

A few things to share with you today:

1.  Sock stock: I've bought my new Smartwool socks for the marathon. Yay!  I love the froggy green colour :D My hot pink ones are starting to wear along the edges of my outer foot so it was time to replenish my sock  The green ones are thicker whereas the white/pink ones are for warmer weather....not necessary as of yet! I cannot run in other types of socks now...I am a sock snob! hehe.
2.  Treats:  Secondly, I had to drive out to Tantallon this morning to take Lola for her grooming appointment.  She was super shaggy!  Not too far from where I take Lola for grooming is a lovely spot called 'The Bike and Bean,' which is a little coffee shop that also sells treats/snacks.  It is located along the BLT rails to trails route that is very popular among runners, walkers, hikers, cyclists, etc. 
I had just finished my 10 mile run when I had to go pick up Lola and I was absolutely starving....well not literally, but you know what I mean.  I decided to stop into the Bike and Bean to grab a quick bite.   Here's what I treated myself to:
This is a raspberry white chocolate scone....Yum!  (and of course, 
3.  Side note:  Yesterday was Friday, which as you know means a 'rest day' from running for me.  It was a good thing too!  I had to have my draft reports done by the end of the day :S  It was a time crunch!  But, I am happy to say, the worst is over.  :)
4. Scheduled runs:  I did head out for my scheduled runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They consisted of 5 miles, 10 miles, and then 5 again on Thursday.  I have to tell you, my Thursday night five miler didn't even begin until....get this....8:30p.m.! lol.  I know, that's stupid to go out that late.  I did wear my super reflective vest and stuck to the main road.  It was one of my faster five mile runs, (I think it had something to do with the fact that it was so late and I wanted to hurry home).  I am such a slave to my schedule!  Do you train with a schedule?  Are you rigid in following it? 
5. A pasta dish to try:  On Thursday evening I bought salmon for dinner.  I wasn't sure what to make with it so I decided to make a pasta dish I once saw in a magazine while I was at my physio's office.  It is simply whole wheat spaghetti noodles, 3 chopped garlic cloves, 3/4 cup crushed up walnuts, 3 cups of spinach and 2 big swirls of extra virgin olive oil around the pan....don't you love my exact measures! lol.  I also put in some oregano and black pepper.  I sauteed the garlic, walnuts, evoo and spinach.  Then tossed in the noodles.  It was delish!  p.s. if you've ever cooked spinach, I don't have to tell you it shrivels up to nothing!
6. Hydration:  I've been trying to stay well hydrated these days and to also make sure I have gatorade on hand at home all week long, not just on weekends as I usually do.  I found this new type of gatorade that I have never seen before.  Maybe I am living in a cave, but I honestly do not think I've ever heard of this one:
I had to give it a try.  I really enjoyed it. It's 'Cherry' something, lol. 
7.  Giggle of the day!  So Runner's World shared this hilarious video from the Jimmy Kimmel show where 'Cousin Sal' attends the L.A. Marathon to entertain the runners @ mile 11.  Omg.....I laughed so hard at this....and at the same time, couldn't help but be mad at him for his water bottle prank!  You must watch this!!! :D LOL
*Cousin Sal better stay away from the Boston Marathon! 
8. Tempo Tune:  Okay this song is kind of off kilter in terms of my usual listening. But I have to say I am loving running to it this week.  It's "Tornado," by Little Big Town.  Give it a listen!
Well I must be off again.  Tomorrow is my final 20 miler run before I taper....yikes! The Boston Marathon is in 22 days!!!
Heather :)

P.S.  My friend Heidi is running her first full marathon in the morning in Oakland, CA.  Go HEIDI!!!



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