Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Windy Warm Wednesday:
The verdict is in. No, I'm not talking about the new pope. ;)  I tested out my Sweaty Band today in howling winds with 7 degree temperatures during a 10 km run.  Aaaaaand, it STAYED on! I promise it didn't require any adjusting.  I did check a couple of times to see if it was still there out of paranoia, hehe.
 Here's the proof.  Check it out:
 excuse my super sweaty But hey, it's a "sweaty band." lol. What an awful angle of me! 
There were some serious winds on today's run.  I did a 3.1 mile out and then the same route back.  Head wind all the way out to Neno Pizza.  So obviously as I turn to come home, I am anticipating somewhat of a tail wind right?  Nope.  Just wind from every which way.  This makes for very good resistance training and one tired girl. 
It was incredibly mild today on the run though. And I STILL overdress! What is up with that? I think I am just convinced I will be cold.  I wore very thin lulu 'brisk run' gloves....I totally hate cold hands! After a mile, I was holding them in my hands. It was actually warm enough today that I could feel sweat trickle down my forehead onto my brow.This is the first run of the year where that has happened. I unzipped the neck zip of my pop-over to get some relief, but it didn't offer much.   I usually run in the evening and I realize that may have something to do with it as well.  But either way, I am happy with the warmer temps....I just need to dress accordingly. 
Today Canadian Running Magazine released the news that Olympian Eric Gillis has pulled out of the Boston Marathon due to a back injury, :(  Then, they said that American Ryan Hall has pulled out as well as a result of a Quad injury.  He started off the Miami Marathon when Matt and I went in 2010.  I actually had the pleasure to meet Eric Gillis at the Lucky 7 Relay this past fall.  What a great guy!  Of course I got Matt to snap a photo of
Look at my giant thighs next to his!

 After my run, I vegged out on the couch with Lola. I read some more of my new book, which I love!  Kara Goucher has the best advice and tips. I also watched some reruns of Friends....I love that show!
This one always makes me laugh!
Are you a Phoebe or Rachel runner? LOL
One other thing I am loving these days is the analysis of my running on Garmin Connect.  I hadn't used it in forever.  This past week I figured out how to compare runs and to use their 'play' option.  This feature is super cool. You literally watch, what looks like a mini hot air balloon, go through your entire route.  It takes mere minutes and is amazing considering it took me almost 3 hrs for one of the runs I was checking.  

The blue lines show my pace.....pretty obvious where I had to stop to cross the street hey?
Well, I'm off again.  Thanks so much for visiting!
Hope to see you on the roads,
Heather :)
 P.S. Boston Marathon is in 33 days!!!


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