Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tuesday tid-bits

Hey there fellow pavement pounders, hehe

I once again have a mixture of things to talk about so I'll start with my super cool prize I received today from Maritime Race Weekend.  I got an awesome cartoon caricature of myself for finishing second overall female and first in my age category during the Coastal 10k race this past September. I love it! 

This race is also my current PB for a 10k=44:02....I have no idea where that came from! lol.
Second off, I found this awesome new cereal to try out.  It's Greek Yogurt Honey crunch.  I had to ask a tall man to reach way in on the top shelf to get one of the only two remaining packages for me....lol. His response, "That's the second time today this has happened to me." LOL. I really do enjoy the taste and the crunch of this cereal....I give it two thumbs up!

 Since we are on the topic of food, I must share one of my absolute favourite dinners with you: Pasta & Pesto! YUM :D  I don't eat pasta every day or anything like that, but to keep my glycogen stores topped up during high mileage marathon training I do make it a staple in my diet.  I use any type of whole wheat pasta, i.e. Fettuccine, fussili, rotini, etc.,  (not usually macaroni though).  Once it is cooked I toss it in a little extra virgin olive oil and add a large spoonful of pesto. I've stumbled upon two types. My favourite would have to be the basil pesto.  The sun dried tomato is great too.  Just make sure you have a mint handy if you take either type to work for lunch, ;

So my meal you see above is simply grilled chicken breast, pasta with basil pesto and broccolini.  Yes I do mean to say 'broccolini.' It's smaller thinner broccoli that is a little more delicate and very tasty!  I saw it at the grocery store and had to sample.....it was a hit.  :)

Are you finding it hard to stay motivated for reasons like weather, injury, health, work right now?  Here's a little tip I do to keep going on those days where the first step out the door is simply the hardest to start! I put a sticky note right on my fridge door to remind myself that I can do it.

 I heard the quote, "Without struggle, there is no strength," shortly before I was training for my first marathon.  I've had it ever since and will say it to myself during hard parts of the run and sometimes when I'm even super stressed about work or whatever else life throws my way. 
Give it a try and see if it will help. :)  You can do it!

 I am currently in week 15/18 of the Boston Marathon training program....omg! It is so close!! I actually had butterflies running on Sunday as I was thinking about the race.  Speaking of Sunday, I did 20km, or 12.5 miles, that consisted of quite a few hills, (up and down) as well as some gradual inclines. I was reading in Hal Higdon's book Saturday evening and he said that in order to prepare for hillier courses, such as Boston, you need to teach your quads to handle the impact of, not only the struggle of the uphill, but the pounding of the downhill on your quadriceps as well.  Did you know that on average you lift your feet approximately 5000 times during one hour of running?  Wow! I have had very hilly runs this winter since my flat trail is still partially ice/snow covered right now.  Hopefully that will work well in my favour! My final 20 miler (32km), is this upcoming Sunday.  Then it's Taper time! 
 I feel like I am currently doing a Marathon at work these past few days.  We have to have our reports completed by this Friday....eek!  I can do it! lol.  That being said, I am still fitting in my runs after work because I really use that time to decompress from the day and do something for "Me." 
 Thanks so much for stopping by, but my 5 miler calls!

Heather :)
P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 27 days!!!


  1. The mantra I try to use when pain hits me on a run is "Pain is Temporary, Quitting is forever." Most of the time it works.
    Love the pic!

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