Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Stronger, Better, Faster, Stronger!

"Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger." Kanye! This is definitely my Tempo Tune to try this week:  "Stronger," by Kanye West.  An oldie, but certainly a goodie!  This song keeps me pushing and digging deep when I'm tired on my runs these days.  It speaks volumes!  I've been very dedicated and motivated for the past few weeks with Boston looming just around the corner.  :)

Mail Run
Yesterday, Canadian Running shared a photo of their 'Runner Passport' and of course my eyes opened wide.  I decided immediately that mine would be arriving tomorrow most likely....lol.  And it did! 
This package includes my bib pickup card, maps, catalogue, oodles of race info. and a bunch of other important miscellaneous items! I have already told Matt to prepare for heavy spending on my part! ;)  (as I plan to purchase as much Boston merchandise as possible!),  LOL.
I also received a notice saying that they (the post office) made an attempt to deliver me a package today as well...which I am presuming is my new sneakers for the Marathon!!! (fingers crossed).  I have to pick them up tomorrow :D  I am getting the new Asics 2000s, which are replacing my good old reliable 2170s that I've been using for 2 1/2 years now :(  Not the same pair....lol...MANY pairs of that particular type. 
I do not know if this is the colour I'll be getting.....I never know with him.  He always sends me a mystery colour! lol.  But hey, that's the gamble when you get such a sweet deal.  ;)
My sneaker guy is awesome!  I called him up after my long run on Sunday to order my new ones.  We chatted for about ten minutes.  He was giving me many tips on things to do, or not do, as a part of my marathon prep.  He also asked detailed questions about my training and times I've hit on training runs.  He gave me a predicted time he thinks I'll do.....lol... I won't share that with you as of yet, since I believe he's being too generous, or certainly overestimating my capabilities!
Funny running story
My run tonight was a scheduled 5 mile run.  I ran some hard parts, with recovery, then hard/hill and recovery again.  It was a great solid run, although I was relieved to see my street sign when I did ;) 
When my Garmin hit 4.8 miles going up my street, I slowed to a decent conversational pace. I was running on the left side of the street, facing traffic.  Parallel to me on the right side of the street (on the sidewalk) was a boy....about 9 years old.  He was carrying a hockey stick with him.  I noticed him quickly look over at me and then start to run! What???? lol.  My thought, "he's racing me?"  He was!  I thought he just decided to run at first because he had to hurry home or something like that.  But he kept looking my way!  I was secretly grinning and thinking, "there is NO way I'm letting him beat me."  I know, 'how mature of me.'  I saw him slowing and glancing over...I continued at my pace. He walks....then runs again! lol.  Then finally he gave up and continued to walk.  I said to myself, "Yes, that's right little boy...you have just been chicked!" LOL...plus I was exhausted and could no longer compete with a 9 year old...lol. 
My new way to 'love' salad
I have to be honest, I DO like vegetables....I LOVE fruit.  However, 'salad'....the green leafy kind, is not my favourite thing.  I always leave it last at dinner and tell Matt that "I feel like I'm eating a part of our lawn." :(  So, while grocery shopping yesterday I decided to veer away from my usual salad dressing and try out something new.  Here's what I got:

I love it!
Random Running Thoughts
Here's a peek into my very random thinking during my recent runs.
  • Are those ladies selling Girl guide cookies???
  • I'm starving.....could they catch me if I swiped a box of their mint ones??? LOL....totally kidding!
  • I am so excited for Boston!
  • WHO is cooking  a BBQ?!  YUM!
  • I hope that Collie is alright. I don't see /hear him tonight......(the one that barks every night-mentioned in a previous post). 
  • I can't believe I am missing Coronation street yet again!
  • I am so excited for Boston!
  • What a relief that this weekend is a long weekend.
  • I'll make a turkey on Sunday....I love the smell of turkey cooking!
  • God I'm happy my reports are done!
  • I am so excited for Boston! :D 
That being said.....the Boston Marathon is in 19 days!!!
Marathon virgin no more!
I have to give a shout-out to my fellow runner/blogger friend Heidi, from Idlehide.  She ran her first full marathon on Sunday in Oakland, CA!!! Way to go! :)
Well, I'm off yet again. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Boston is sooo close!! I was watching an onlince interview with Kara Goucher today on google +, she was talking about her favorite parts of the race and her not so fave parts. You're going to see herrrr!!! Thanks for the shout out:D I think you will have to really push me to do another one, I'm not exactly feeling the running bug at the moment;)

    1. Heidi! I watched that too!!! Did you hear that she will be at the Nissan endurance expo---I told Matt I'm going to go all celebrity crazy and ask her to sign my book! :D I hope I see her! When do you get back??? I can't wait to chat! :D

  2. Love the funny story...adn the random thoughts. I can so see you racing with the 9 year old. LOL. I would have been giggling out loud! This is my weekend...I am going to start my solid training now...I am...really!

    1. I can't wait to hear how your training is going! You can feel a difference in the air now...the temperature is definitely getting warmer....slower, but warmer...lol