Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Squinty Eyes and Slushy Sidewalks

I welcomed yesterday (Monday) with a lovely rest day.....well, rest from running that is. Sunday's 32km run left me with deep muscle fatigue. Monday was a full blown day of teaching, which involves running up and down the stairs from class to class like a chicken with my head cut off, (cross training at it's best).  After work Lola and I had a great walk.  I decided I would do some ab workouts and arm exercises with my dumbbells. Of course my furry friend joined me with her usual toy dropping.  I am actually getting pretty good at throwing a stuffy in mid-crunch...lol.
So here's a look out my back door after I got home from work today.  Freshly fallen snow.....tonight's run will be slippery!

 Funny enough yesterday's weather was fantastic.  Now today, I had a 5 mile run on my schedule and we had sideways snow! You know what that means.....squinty eyes and slushy sidewalks!  Of course by the time I get everything else done and set out to run, it's dark.  Thank goodness for daylight savings time this Sunday morning!  As you can see I am armed with my Runner's World vest that Matt's dad gave me for Christmas.  He was so concerned when he heard I was out running in the dark. 
My super cool fuel belt I mentioned in my previous post from Matt!
Lola didn't seem to mind that I was leaving for a run.
During tonight's run there were frequent moments of frozen eye lashes...again!  I was hoping we were done with all of that silliness.  I was definitely going for effort as opposed to pace in tonight's run.  The conditions simulated running on a beach with the push off being less than ideal.  My calves will suffer tomorrow.
Some random thoughts crossed my mind again during tonight's run.  Here are just a few:
  • What exactly is he saying in Gangnam Style???
  • Do passer's by know that's what I'm listening to? LOL
  • I wonder if David will find out tonight that it's probably Nick's baby? (Coronation street).
  • Why does Friday afternoon seem super far away right now?
  • I can't wait until the weekend! Nevermind, March break begins Friday @ 3:30!!!!
  • I can't wait until March Break!!!
  • I wonder if I have enough olive oil left at home to cook dinner with?
  • I have to remember to go to sobeys to also get ju jubes for Friday's Science lesson!
  • I hope I don't scare the c*%p out of that man I'm about to run up behind!
  • Is that a cigarette he's smoking??? (For some reason I always hold my breath until I pass smokers...lol).
  • I have to remember to put flyers in my runners when I get home so they're dry for tomorrow night's run.  *My friend Erin gave me that tip a few years ago...works everytime!
Here's a look at my current training shoes...Asics are my go-to shoe!
Well, I'm off now to watch some Seinfeld reruns before bed.  Thanks again for stopping by!
Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. I giggle at the Random Thoughts! Love them. And hold my breath too when passing runners...I hate the thought of breathing in smoke!!!!

  2. I'll keep the randomness coming! ;)