Saturday, 30 March 2013

Running and Rambling

I hope everyone is having a super Easter weekend, with not too much chocolate.  ;)  I actually bought some today as I said I would.  I 'hid' it....which just means it's in a place I never look until AFTER I run Boston!  There is actually a list of things I plan on eating then.  Here are just a few things: don't judge me! lol.
  • Cheesecake brownie from Starbucks (how good do they look?).
  • My Easter stash ;D
  • Pizza, any kind!
  • Poutine, (new addition after conversing with Courteney at the mall tonight).
  • And definitely ice cream from Coldstone.....I go to Tim's everyday at lunch and stand next to the oooey gooey goodness while ordering my regular 'small coffee with milk.' 
I do not plan on consuming all of this food at once, although I probably could.  These are just things I will eat and not feel completely awful about afterward, lol.
So we met with our group we are travelling to Boston with last night to confirm a few details.  We are leaving at 5:30 a.m. in less than two weeks! No Big Deal.....NOT!!!
Come race day, we will have to catch the bus super early (5:30-6ish) that will take us to the Athlete's Village in Hopkinton (start area).  I do not start until wave 2 (10:20).  So yes, that is a long time waiting around before running.  I will certainly need to wear throw aways that day, as we have a 0.7 mile walk to the start line from the Athlete's Village.  *I donated three blue bags of clothes in early January as a part of my purge to 'have less.'  Therefore, if you have any long sleeve tees or jogging pants.....let me know! lol.


Think I'm guilty of supination? 
Check out the outer edge
 ....that should also be green. :S

How did I not see this!?

As you know, I've recently received my marathon sneakers.  I didn't even think that I was in dire need of new footwear.  Although, as I was putting on my 'old' ones this morning to walk Lola, I noticed two things:



Here's how my new sneakers (with just 17 miles on them) look: 
When I was taking these pics, I was crouched down in our entrance taking pics of the bottom of sneakers.  Matt walks in and I felt very much like a crime scene investigator!  That would be a cool job....except I don't like blood, or needles, soooo never mind! :D
Speaking of Matt, his running Boston will actually be a race-day-decision! I know, what?  Matt has been battling a bad bout of Plantar Faciitis=(a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot). It is often caused by overuse of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is a very common condition and can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly), this winter, followed by an over-compensating knee and now Achilles tendonitis= (Achilles tendinitis is when the Achilles tendon becomes swollen, inflamed, and painful at the heel.The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. It is used for walking, running, and jumping).  Source: Wikipedia. 
As you can imagine running 26.2 miles (42.2km) with two months of very little training due to pain, will be a challenging task.  So, we will wait and see what happens, (fingers crossed). 
Here's what I see everyday when I leave for my run:
Maybe that's why it's so difficult to get my butt out the door most days! <3
Longish Run
Tomorrow is my 12 mile longish run. I plan to do 12.5 miles to make it an even 20km. It has been gorgeous weather here so far this weekend.  And finally, the trail is doable in most areas. Yay!  I sampled a few portions today and it was very wet in sections, but decent for the most part. I ran into Courteney from Runner Girl on the run.  Check out her blog! 
Inspired Steps
For about four months in 2002 I lived with my Aunt Brenda.  She lives in Paradise, NL and has recently resumed running again. :D  But you know, I remember when I lived with her, she was the runner, and I most certainly was not!  I can remember being in bed sleeping in on the weekends and hearing the 'thud thud thud thud' of her steps on the treadmill upstairs, music booming, lol.  If it wasn't that it was the theme song and hard to understand conversations of 'Coronation Street'---my NOW favourite show!
I would think, "how much longer will she run for???" I wasn't very active in my University I'd like to go back and kick that girl in the butt!  I remember eating croissants and drinking Pepsi like there was no tomorrow---true story! 
I love getting text messages about her runs and seeing pics of her with her training group.  Check her out.  She's furthest on the left in the red jacket! 

Well, it's time for some bedtime reading.....I always get butterflies when I read my running books in bed lately!
Hope to see you on the roads,
Heather :)

Don't you love my "I <3 to run shirt?"  :D

P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 16 days!!!



  1. Thanks for the shout out. I want my new running t-shirts. :-( Are you taking the pics with your new phone?

    What about Quiznos? Are you going to eat that after the race???

  2. OH I completely forgot about Quiznos!!!

    I took the above pics with my old camera...the slideshow on the side is with the phone :)

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