Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Break Post

Today was 'Tempo Tuesday' for me.  Which means I tried to pick up the pace for a good chunk of the run.  I had a scheduled 5 miler, and you know how serious I take my schedule...lol.  It was so nice and relaxing to get up and not have anything to rush around with.  As you know I am on March Break, :D  I have to say that teaching is quite conducive to running.  I like that. 

Around ten o'clock, I headed out  for a crisp 5 mile run. The weather was ideal for running....five degrees, overcast skies and good footing on the sidewalks.  I can see the snow disappearing before my eyes, ;) 

I was again reminded today of the difference a long run makes to your training, both physically and psychologically.  After Sunday's 20 mile run, I headed out today with the mindset of, "just an easy 5 miler."  5 miles, or 8 km if you prefer, is not actually that short.  But, in comparison with the 'long run,' it feels like a breeze, sort of, lol. 

I was able to cruise through the first mile at a sub 8min/mile pace.  I was trying for crisp strides during miles 2-4 and then the last one I used as my recovery mile. Not super slow, but at a conversation pace.  I tried to push the pace a bit today to remind my leg muscles of their fast firing job when called upon, ;)  Sometimes, this is challenging for me.  But as the pros say, "If you want to run faster, you have to run fast." As obvious as that sounds, it is not always possible with weather, health, etc. 

A pleasant surprise was waiting for me on the computer when I arrived home.  The BAA, Boston Athletic Association, had distributed bib numbers today!  So, all cold, wet and sweaty I HAD to check my number, lol.  I am officially # 14677!!! I will be running in Wave 2 of the marathon, which starts at 10:20 on April 15th, Patriot's Day.  You can track my progress on that day through the BAA's site.  I'll have more details on that closer to race day...Yay! 

Another great surprise I had yesterday was when I ventured down to check the mail with Miss Lola. I had not only my monthly subscription of Runner's World, but a book I've recently purchased through Amazon by my idol, Kara Goucher, had arrived!  So, double-fisted and dog on leash, I walked swiftly home.  I am loving Kara's book.  I enjoy  her personal stories of marathon jitters, training setbacks and successes.  I would totally recommend it!
One of the great perks of March Break is the freedom to go visit friends in the middle of the day! I caught up with a friend today and chatted work talk, fitness talk, etc.  I am super psyched to hear she has signed up for her first race....Awesome!
Heidi, from idlehide, stopped by this evening to pick up a gel belt for her marathon. We ended up talking running for a good hour or so. I just love talking to people who share my love for running! She is doing her first full in Oakland, CA this month.  Go Heidi!!!  
Before I forget, I must mention the aftermath of Sunday's 20 miler. Oh dear.  I arrived home as 1:30 neared.  After a super long run my hunger becomes suppressed for some reason.  I just feel nauseous and tired.  I knew I should eat, but couldn't even think of it or I'd feel sick.  That being said, I slept for a good chunk of the late afternoon.  Then after dinner, I fell asleep again on the couch.  Here's what happens when you have a dog who follows you everywhere:
This picture came out dark, but Lola is basically laying over my waist...lol.
So, the next morning, Monday, I woke up to a growling stomach. I was ravenous all day long! I nearly polished off a complete bag of blue corn tortilla chips with extra chunky salsa...YUM!  Then I got into the Greek yogurt...lol.  
Tempo tunes to try:
Okay, Heidi recommended a great song a few days ago. It's "Lonely Boy," by the Black Keys.  It is awesome! I must have repeated it today 3-4 times. It makes you feel all bad ass on your run......lol.
Another song I enjoy for recovery miles or warm ups would have to be "Paradise," by Coldplay.  It is such a motivational song.  They played it on ellen yesterday too! 
Thanks again for stopping by!
Heather :) 


  1. I love running to Lonely Boy! Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is great too, just got it recommended to me by my husband. Try it!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I love trying out new songs. :)

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