Friday, 29 March 2013

Marathon Prep

As a part of my Marathon preparations, I always have a few things I like to do....I still have a little over two weeks to go, so these things are either time-pending things or things to do to occupy my anxious mind!  lol.

One thing I've covered: new socks and sneakers.  Check! Hashem, my sneaker guy, DID have  a pair of my reliable old 2170s left...Yay!  I like to have my new sneakers at least 2 1/2 weeks before the big day.  For some reason my first few runs with new runners always feels very 'hot' on the bottoms of my feet....weird I know.

Look what I noticed as I was about to chuck out my receipt!  One nice touch he does is to include a free pair of running socks in with your purchase too. :)
Another thing I'm really trying hard with is Healthy Eating.  Oh dear, this one is the hardest. But it's true, 'You get out, what you put in.'  It seems that every time I turn a corner there is  Take for instance yesterday morning, I'm at work and as I go into the staff room to fill my water bottle, right there on the table are TWO boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!  I DID walk was very hard!  I don't see how anyone can eat super clean during EASTER!!! I told Matt I'm going out to buy the goods, (Peeps, cadbury cream eggs, a solid chocolate bunny, etc.), and 'hide' it in the house to eat post Marathon! ;) This will help put back the pounds I've shed during marathon training I'm sure!
Finish time talk
For some reason when Marathons are close by, Matt and I always talk about "Celebrities who have ran them."  This is very interesting.  There are some who I am shocked have run the full 26.2 miles and some others have super impressive finishing times.  Take a look:
  • Oprah Winfrey, 1994 Marine Corps Marathon (4:29:20)
  • Al Roker, 2010 New York City Marathon (7:09:00)
  • Drew Carey, The Price Is Right host, 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (4:41:39)
  • Dana Carvey, 1972 Ocean to Bay Marathon (3:04:21)
    Source:  Wikipedia

    *Before my first marathon, I made a goal that I told Matt: I would have to beat Alanis Morrisette's  I did: 3:49:08!

    It is time to reduce mileage.  Marathon training is a huge commitment.  It takes hours out of your day and nearly consumes your weekend, between long runs and recovery.  If you're like me you like to nap after a long run, just sayin'.  ;) 

    I really enjoy tapering. You don't feel that time crunch of having to push through a ten miler, rush home, shower, cook dinner, schoolwork,  This week my ten mile run scaled down to 8 miles.  Next Wednesday I have 6 miles. :)  My five miles will go down to 4 miles and my long run on Sunday is 12 miles. 

    It is evident to me that my training is working.  I enjoy feeling strong and finishing my weekly runs faster than previous weeks.  I do realize that there is a fine line between cutting mileage and picking up speed.  Your mileage is cut so your body can rebuild after tremendous breakdown during peak training.  As Hal Higdon says, 'This is not the time to cram in any gut-busting workouts.'  lol.  It is very tempting to go 'as fast as  you can' on these shorter runs though.  I've read that since your body is very susceptible to injury now, it isn't a good idea. Hal does say to maintain your pace now, and not to go too slow.  But doing intense speedwork is a no no.  You cut mileage, not pace.  :)

    Okay, as you know, I keep a hard copy of my training log.  Partially because I can take them out around this time in a Marathon training schedule and compare where I was in terms of fitness/speed last time around.  It is amazing to see all the runs you've ticked off and covered when you go back and look!  
    These are my training schedules for my previous 4 marathons.


    I'm off to enjoy my Easter long weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Happy Running,
    Heather :)

    P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 17 days!!!


    1. There is a commercial on one of the US channels for the Bostom Marathon and I get butterflies for you everytime! You are going to do great!!!!

    2. Awesome! You know one of my grade 5 students told me he saw it and thought of me, :) I've not seen this commercial yet :(