Sunday, 24 March 2013

Final 20

So today is the day....the day I ticked off my final 20 mile training run (32km) for my Boston Marathon training schedule.  What a sense of relief!  It kind of feels like I've finished a major assignment for school or something like 

Next Sunday calls for 12 miles.  I will do 12.5 to make it an even 20km.  Then I have 8 miles the following Sunday and THEN the following Monday (not Sunday as the marathon is held on Patriots' Day) is the Boston Marathon!!!  Take a look:
All of the high mileage hard work is done and now it's Taper Time!  I love tapering.  I realise that many marathoners become restless and feel awful with the decrease in miles.  But I actually look forward to that scaling down.  I am happy about a chapter I recently reread in Hal Higdon's book.  I read a line that said, "Now (tapering) is not the time to cram in any extra miles you may have missed during your training buildup for colds/injuries." I am so happy I read that because I HAVE missed runs for illness this year. :(  Knowing myself as I do, I would likely have committed this  

I've been trying to teach my body to run around the same time as the race will be, this is only possible on weekends and holidays of  I start at 10:20 a.m. at Boston.  So today, I headed out around 10.  It was chilly, but not too bad.  Just chilly enough that I wore my running mittens, and took them off, put them back on, took them off...and so on and so  Yes, this cycle continued for the entire run, which lasted almost 2 hrs 50 min.  There were very light flurries with pockets of sunshine too.  It was so pretty when it was snowing that it felt like I was running in a snow globe. Not like that annoying sideways snow that freezes my eye lashes together!

I saw quite a few runners on my run this morning.  Including a pretty fast man wearing a fluorescent green running jacket.  He was running about 0.25 of a mile ahead of me at a steady pace. He did not see me at all, as we were running in the same direction, and therefore does not know that he was my pacer between miles 14 through 18 :D 

I also saw 'The Running Couple,' as they are known to Matt and I...haha.  This is a man and a woman who live in our community.  We see them quite frequently during our runs and it's always when we are running in opposite directions.  We don't know each other and haven't been introduced, but every time we pass by one another we wave and smile.  That is the extent of our relationship.  It's so funny because when I'm done running, Matt will usually ask, "Did you see many runners? Did you see the running couple?" LOL.

I am very happy with my run today.  I felt strong, healthy and confident that my training is working!  How was your Sunday Runday? 
Tempo Tunes:
On today's run, I really enjoyed listening to a couple of songs.  They are certainly not newbies, but they helped me get the job done!
1. 'Rock your Body,' by the Black Eyed Peas. 
2. 'Alejandro,' by Lady Gaga. I know this is an older song, but I LOVE it still! 
When I arrived home today I checked on Heidi's progress @ the Oakland Marathon. She's over half done now and running strong! :D Go Heidi!
Off I go again.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy running,
Heather :) 
P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 21 days!


  1. Heather, hope you and Matt are well. We are thinking of you. Melinda and Mike

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