Friday, 15 March 2013

Fab Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope your week flew by as mine did...unfortunately for me that just means that my March Break has arrived at its conclusion and it's back to the grind on

Okay, how much do I love this pic?! It's by an artist named Cait Chock.  I would totally love a framed version of this!

Yesterday felt truly like a 'Spring run.' The air was crisp and cool with +8 degree temperatures and the sun was shining.  Ahhh.  Now look what was waiting for me this morning:
This Winter is not going down without a fight it appears.

 Look what got repaired!!! So what happened was I was laying in bed one morning a little while back and heard a tremendous "CRASH!!!" I know, what the???  It immediately occurred to me that I must go check the office where the medals were hanging. It was slowly leaning more and more forward every day recently.... :S  And yes, it had fallen :(  But, it's all good now. You are just not allowed to breathe in the surrounding area as precaution. lol. 

It may not look it, but this thing weighs a ton!

Random Running Thoughts:
As I have not added in any lately, I feel compelled to share my very random thinking with you that occurs during my running. Here are just a few:
  • I just love how my run begins down a hill.....wait, I always hate how it's an uphill at then end. Never mind!
  • Here comes a runner!  (towards me).
  • Will he smile or wave I wonder?
  • Ah, he smiled AND waved!....He's lucky he didn't get the old eye-roll!
  • He must have read my post about 'running etiquette!' lol
  • Oh goodness, are those two teenage girls totally oblivious to me running at full tilt towards them?
  • What is SO interesting on their iphone that neither looks up!? they are taking up the entire width of the sidewalk by walking abreast.
  • Okay, I don't even care. I'm barrelling right through them. Yep, that's what I'm doin'. 
  • Move over, move over, move over! 
  • Pweph, she heard me coming.
  • It's always a good day when I don't have to barrel anyone over!
  • I wonder what I'll order at Cora's today? 
  • I don't feel like having just waffles, or french toast........ummm?
  • I'm definitely having coffee. 
  • Maybe I'll try something new! For anyone wondering, I ordered the Cora's Special...I totally copied off of what Erin ordered :D  It was yummy! 
Rest Day:
Today is my zero running day.  So, it's abs and arms all the way!  Maybe when Matt comes home, I'll say, "Check out my pipes," as I flex my biceps at him.....he always laughs at that, LOL. Following my workouts I enjoy repairing my muscles with a recovery shake.
Mine usually includes:
  • Banana
  • ice cubes
  • one big scoop of whey protein.
  • mixed berries, (strawberries, raspberries, blue and black berries).
  • I also love cranberries + oranges if I don't use the mixed berries...that tastes great!
  • coconut almond milk....this stuff rocks!

    What are some shake versions you use as recovery? 
    Feel free to add your recipes into my comment section.  :)      

    Tempo tunes:
    No post feels complete unless I give you a peek at what I'm listening to.  I know, that's weird, lol.  And probably no one takes any of my suggestions, but I know when I hear other peoples' play lists, I sometimes take a listen to their favourites.
    1. First off I've rediscovered "Telephone," by Lady Gaga and Beyonce in my itunes archive.  I forgot how much I love that song!   
    2. Another goodie that I stumbled upon on another blogger's page is "Sandstorm," by Darude. Great for speedwork!                       
    Well, off I go again.  Hope you are pounding some pavement today, or the 'dreadmill,' haha. 

    Happy Running,
    Heather :D

    P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 31 days!!!                                                                     


    1. Mmm, I always see the cocout almond milk, but I haven't tried it yet. I love the 'phew, she heard me coming' one. I always feel bad when I scare people lol

      1. I usually feel bad too. But to be honest, I giggle sometimes! lol

    2. My random thoughts:
      - Oh look a runner...I really like (or dislike) what they are wearing. Wonder how far they are running today
      - Whoa...the BLT trail is definitely not ready for sneaker running (as I slipped and slid my way through)
      - I am not running up little freakin' way!
      - oh look the BLT playground is getting a facelift.

      1. LOL...."Little James" hurts almost as much as "Big James!"

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