Saturday, 9 March 2013

Breaking it down

It's semi-long run day....oh dear.  I always feel somewhat nervous when I have to log these sorta long runs during the work week.  Especially if there is a staff meeting after work that keeps me later, which means starting later, etc. Tonight's run was a 10 miler (16km).  I learned something from my previous 10 miler though: take water/gatorade.  I think my body is still trying to rehydrate from that nasty cold I had a little while back.  I get super thirsty on my mid-distance runs even though I am hydrating with a lot of water all day long.  So tonight I packed one gatorade and one water. Well worth it!  It was my first run back since the cold/sinus infection that I felt strong and fast.  Hydration is key!  Run breakdown: 10 miles, 1 hr 21 minutes, 899 calories burned!  No wonder I'm always hungry....the caretaker at school told me today that everytime he sees me, I'm eating....LOL. I was giggling at this all day. 

Ahh, the Thursday evening run.  I know it's the last one before I get a rest day, and the next day is Friday, which is great for oh so many reasons.  But, I have to admit, after doing a semi-long/hard run on Wednesday, the Thursday evening run is often quite difficult to get started.  I literally sat and procrastinated for oh I don't know, 40 minutes (wearing my running gear), lol.

 It was extremely windy out and I assumed super cold with the wind howling.  I layered up: tights, pants, two shirts, two running coats and running vest, mittens and toque!  Needless to say, overdressed.  Turned out the wind was sporadic and even at best was not as piercing as I had anticipated.  My legs were quite sluggish as well from the 10 miler the previous night.  But, as it always happens-I felt so much better when it was done.

Sleep Run?  ;)
There are mornings when I wake up with super sore legs at times and I think, 'wow, that's weird. I didn't think I pushed it very hard during yesterday's run.' Have you experienced this before?  If so, here's what's probably happening:

   I love this commercial!
Thanks for suggesting the video Matt. :)

Friday/Rest day :)
So typically Friday is my zero running day.  It's a love/hate thing.  I love the idea of not having to log miles after an exhausting week of work.  I hate feeling like I am missing out on fitness or some crazy thought like that.  Although I 'know' my body needs some R & R (rest and recovery) to prep for the upcoming long runs.  There still lingers that feeling that I should be running....weird I know.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy on Friday evenings, as lame as it may sound, is to come home after work sit back with a hot cup of Tetley tea and watch Coronation Street in comfy clothes. :D  That is my ultimate  Not to mention I'm on March Break right now....oh yeah!'s exactly how it sounds!  :D
Hey it's the weekend! (and March Break...did I already mention that?). So I did not get out as early as anticipated this morning for my 16k run....due to what appeared to be an orange gatorade explosion in the fridge. Needless to say, my vegetable crispers are very squeaky clean now.....poor sweet potato looked radioactive with all the orange pigment covering it. 
The Run:
How great was the weather today?!  It was 4 degrees with clear sidewalks AND sun.  Can't complain about that.  Looks good for tomorrow's long run too.  I made it through the 10 miler in 1hr 22 min and 905 calories. It was  a good solid run with a bit of a head wind.  Isn't it interesting how you can have a head wind and when you change direction to come home, expecting a lovely tail wind, the wind direction changes...makes for good resistance training I guess. 
Following my run I met up with Matt at one of our favourite places to eat for lunch.  It was definitely my splurge for the week.  But as I see it, I need some fuel for tomorrow's run, right? ;) 
Time to dig in!
I then headed over to the Running Room to pick up some gels for Matt and I
 It has been quite a while since I've been there and I was delighted to see that the Running Room now sells Sweaty Bands!  Obviously I left with two since I couldn't decide between're supposed to be great for running, as they are said to 'not slip.' We'll see...I plan on testing one tomorrow.  What do you think?
I totally suck at taking those self-shots! lol.
I am very grateful for the mug Courteney gave me for Christmas makes a great gel holder!
What's your favourite flavour?
Well, I'm off again.  Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Love the sweaty bands...especially the dots!

    1. You should go check them out....they have quite a few different styles!

  2. I love my sweaty band, even more so over my lululemon. I was a little leary over the velvet on the inside, but it seems to work great! I love the polka dot one. I think my fave gel would be chocolate mint. Mmmm:)

    1. I just found some "peppermint stick" gels at the Running room! I'm psyched to try that one too :D