Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Beautiful Day for 20k!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are able to spend some time today with loved ones and family....and of course I hope you were able to get out for that run too, ;)

Today was my last longish run.  If you recall I was scheduled to run a 12 miler.  I did 12.5 miles to make it an even 20km as I mentioned in my last post.

It was awesome running weather!  Check it out--->
The temperature was around 7 degrees Celsius and the sun was so warm. I ran in capris and a long sleeve. I also started out with very thin gloves too....I hate cold hands! They came off after the first mile and I ended up holding them for the remainder of the run, lol.
I was going to take my phone and snap a few pics in the trail, but I figured running with the phone might annoy me, so I decided against it! lol.

I ran a nice solid run today.  I was able to do it at race pace, or slightly faster...partially because of a girl, who I am certain, had me in her  As I entered the trail, with half my run completed, she got out of her car and began to run. I passed by her and I could feel that she was speeding up.  She ran so close behind me for a good mile or so.  I could tell she was giving it her all to pass  You know me when someone is 'racing me.' ;)  I kept going at the speed I was running in hopes I'd 'lose' her.  Finally I did something I hate doing when running---shoulder check!  Ahhhh, this is the absolute worst thing to do since your 'competitors' are able to see your weakness and that you are tiring.  Lucky for me though, she was gone. :D  I am so immature, I know.  lol.

Upon my return home, I was famished!  Also very calves were covered in mud. :( I showered and made myself a big lunch,  (Lola ate nearly half my eggs though). 
BTW: the eggs have tex mex seasoning & cheese on

After I ate lunch I tallied up my total mileage for the year, (since Jan. 1), and for March.  Guess how many miles I ran in March alone????  I hope you're guessing :D 
I was shocked!  That's the equivalent to 318.4 km.  :D  I realize it's because March happened when I was at peak mileage in training.  That being said, my total since Jan. 1 is........drumroll:
453.05 miles or 724.88 km!  Lol...isn't that crazy! Maybe not to everyone, but if you recall back when I was sick this winter, BOTH TIMES, I missed 9 runs in total :( 
I love the handy dandy training log Runner's World sent when I registered for their monthly subscription.  You can write details about your course, weather, distance, time, and every page has a helpful tip/quote on the bottom. :) 
Do you keep track of your runs???
And lastly, look how I found Lola when I arrived home:  
So  <3
Tempo Tune
I am surprised I haven't suggested this song for you to try yet.  It is "Aural Psynapse," by Deadmau5.  It is great for a solo run.  It's instrumental but upbeat.  I love it! 
Well, I can smell my turkey cooking.  Time to go baste!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
P.S. The Boston Marathon is in 15 days!!! 

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