Sunday, 3 March 2013

20 Mile Recap

Whoever said running a marathon is easy, has clearly never done one!  You train, you eat, you sleep, you train, you eat, you sleep, and so on and so forth.  Oh yeah, and there is that thing called 'work' that always seems to get in the way of your running too, lol.  In the midst of the 12-18 weeks of your training schedule you pray you don't get sick or injured.  Good luck with that during Winter training! ;) It seems so many running friends of mine are either one of the two and bouncing back from illness or injury is a challenge in itself.  I can say this because I am recovering from the cold that just won't let 

All that being said, I did venture out this weekend to log those miles I longed for when I had a fever of 103 degrees laying on the couch a while ago.  I was very grateful this weekend to be healthy enough to endure such long runs.  I filled my four gatorade bottles and plopped them into my super cool fuel belt Matt got me for's pink! I took three gels with me, 2 vanilla and 1 chocolate.  I got my garmin, ipod, shades and hat.  I also stuffed some kleenex into my coat pockets...there's nothing worse than having to sniffle during the run. Let's face it, I am not one for the unpleasant 'snot-rocket!' Sorry if that was super gross to But hey, we've all seen that lovely sight. 

I had planned out my route yesterday so that today I wasn't just going all over the place.  I totally miss the trail :( It's icy and snow covered right now.  I don't usually do an 'out and back' route for a long run.  I just like knowing I am keeping a close enough radius from home in case I need to loop back for any reason. 

The weather was superb for running this morning.  The temperature was 1 degree at the start and roads/sidewalks were clear.  I did have a little bit of splashing to do once I got into town onto sidewalks...but you know what? After a while of having semi-wet feet, puddle splashing becomes super fun! :D

I wasn't running with the freshest legs today. I logged 10 miles yesterday on a hilly route.  So I was prepared to feel somewhat sluggish today.  I read that doing a semi-long run followed by a long run will simulate race day fatigue and prep your body and mind for the marathon.  It is challenging but has worked for me in the past.

I met up with a fast friend about 2.5 miles in. She turns and runs with me for another 2 miles. I am sure she slowed her pace to run with me, but it was nice to have someone there to occupy those miles.  When we parted I told her, "Only 2 more hours of running" 

Once I reach 10 miles, it feels okay.  Then I am halfway and feel like the first ten miles went by quickly.  For some reason the last ten don't have that same feeling! lol.  I like to see only single digits remaining.  Then I can do the, 'only 9 left, only 8 more, 7 is a breeze (Not!), 6--okay that's about 10k. 5 that's nothing...I've run marathons! 4....okay, my legs feel like tree trunks! 3 when I get home, I'm having orange juice, water, gatorade, a grapefruit...what else is in my fridge to quench this tremendous thirst???  2 miles left...legs are killing me!  1 mile, I can do 1 mile come on!!!  Who moved my house?????' LOL....just some of the thinking that went on during the last half of today's run.  I promise, I am not crazy!

So, 2 hours and 58 minutes later I'm at my house! "Thank God! Where's that gatorade?"  Then I remember there is chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake in the fridge...SCORE!  Cheesecake is good recovery food, right?  :D  Well, I checked the garmin and I burned 1778 calories on the run, so we'll say it is!

I am also super excited about my latest amazon purchase. I'm ordering Kara Goucher's book, 'Running for Women.'  I love her to bits!  She will be at the Boston Marathon as well. I'm certain I will not see her there, but it will be awesome knowing she is running the same couse as me!

I meant to do this last time, but it was late at night and I completely forgot.  I have two super running friends who blog about their own running.  Check them out:  Courteney and Heidi. 

Tempo Tune:
Today's song that made me feel like a warrior when I was running is actually another somewhat retro one.  It's 'Orange Crush,' By REM.  I really enjoyed it on the run. 

Well, off I go to do some school work.  Hope to see you on the roads!

Heather :)


  1. I was wondering how it went! I was just going to msg you. You killed it with an awesome time!!! If you see Kara you gotta get a picture with her. and tell her that she's my hero lol
    Enjoy your night, and relax:)

    1. Heidi, I felt a little more like 'it killed me,' lol. It was tough. I had sluggish legs. But I was more than happy to log it in the books! I will pass that message on to Kara ;)
      p.s. loved your running outfit!

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