Sunday, 24 February 2013

Random Runner Ramblings

 Valley Harvest 10km tuneup 2012, (above photo). Probably the only race I didn't wear shades, because
I forgot them! Maybe that's why it's one of my favourite photos??? :) My second fastest 10km to date.
I've been thinking a lot about different aspects of my running in my downtime lately.  What can I do differently? Will I be properly prepped for Boston?  Am I eating enough of this? that? How will this winter weather affect my running? Where was I in terms of training last year? (that's where keeping a training log comes in handy).

Then I decided not to overwhelm myself and keep doing what I'm doing.  If I am strong and healthy I can be confident in my performance. I mean, it's Boston! I recently saw a photo on the BAA's facebook page of the finisher's medal....have you seen that thing!? It's about motivation!
Thank you BAA facebook page for Photo.  
Race Bling:
Yay or nay???  Yay of course!  I will be more inclined to sign up for a race knowing full well that there is some decent hardware at the finish.  I know, how shallow.....but as I see it, you work so hard to get from point A to point B, (sometimes there is even puking involved) ;).  There should be some kind of reward at the end, right? :D  I keep all race medals, and bibs for that matter. I cherish my Full Marathon bibs. They are on my fridge door, lol.  I write all stats of every race on the back of each bib with a sharpie.  Do you keep your racing bibs???

Medals at the Lucky 7 Relay 2012. Great Bling!

 My great friend Courteney put together this awesome medal rack for me!  Since this pic, there have been a few more added to it :D 

Health and Wellness:
So as you know, I have been sick recently. Cold after cold!  I wonder if I start wearing a mask to work what people would say? lol.  I won't go that far.  This seems to happen to me during marathon training mileage climbs.  I almost expect it now :S I have been ingesting as much vitamin C as humanly possible though!
Here is my attempt at a little 'sick humor.'
The little 'Heart Man' was part of a Valentine message I left.  After Valentine's Day Matt decided to make him do
 'The Bolt.' I really like it, hehehe.
 I have also been washing my hands like a maniac these days!  My skin somewhat resembles that of an alligators back, no?  haha.
I couldn't help but notice the large amount of runners I spotted today from my living room window, my car window and while walking Lola.  Saying that, we had a beautiful day today.  Much different than the past three weekends for sure, minus last Saturday, which was fabulous! (exception). Then I thought to myself, thinking about the frozen eye-lashes and slushy gatorade days:  What will be the increase in people out running now as Spring nears?  I do realize this is a fairly obvious question and Spring is still one month away.  But it is very motivating knowing that fair weather is on the rise, right?

Are you a fair-weather-runner?  I am certainly not implying that that is a negative thing---especially after a recent wipeout of my own, which ended up with me laying on my back in a huge puddle of ice with water on top! Not cool....well, actually very cold, but you know what I mean.

My personal favourite time of year to run is the Fall.  It is so beautiful in the trail with all the different colour of leaves.  The air is crisp and you can run in capris and a tee.  I am that person who complains about the heat and humidity in the dead of Summer here in Nova Scotia.  Yes, I know what you're thinking.  I really only complain when someone asks, "how was your run?" Other than that and being a teacher, how could I complain? :D 
What's your favourite time of year to run?
Running Bug:
I am also highly motivated by seeing how others are catching the 'Running Bug.' I love to see running/race photos of family& friends on facebook or via e-mails.  Especially when it is someone who has recently started running or has run their first race at a particular distance. Way to go!

Tempo Tune:
And as always, I like to leave a little bit of what I'm listening to.  I am really liking the song, "Closer," by Tegan and Sara.  It sort of has an eighties pop feel. I really like running to it.

Thanks for visiting!
Heather :)

For obvious reasons....and for those who don't know me well.......I'd like to state that I am not a licensed nutritionist, coach, elite athlete, physiotherapist, sports doctor, etc. I am just sharing my knowledge and passion for running by showing what has worked, and is currently working for me. :)


  1. So many questions to answer....LOL.
    Favorite time to run...that's a toss up. I love running in the fall like you but last year I got to experience early 5am running and have to say I loved the peaceful ness of this early morning runs! You also know that I am a fair weather the winter at the summer I will brave the rain to get a run in.

    It excites me to see more runners as each one I see motivates me more to get out the door if I'm wavering. And as you know we are a special group!

    Oh...and I definitely love the Bling at the end of a makes me feel like I've accomplished something..especially if I hit a PR!

    1. Hey Courteney,
      thanks for being a loyal reader to my blog! I am anxiously awaiting your next post ;)

  2. I'm turning into a race bib hoarder. I want to keep all of them, because each race I complete feels like a great accomplishment, but I've yet to come up with something creative to do with them.

    1. Hey Molly,
      I actually saw an idea on Pinterest where you put them all in a small type of binder and you can flip through them. Mine are currently stashed into a small Guess bag that I bought a t-shirt in once down in Miami. I also need to store them creatively! Thanks for checking out my blog....will have a look at yours too!

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